If you have forgotten your Magento admin password and the ‘reset password’ email isn’t working then you can reset your password directly in the database using the steps below.

  1. Login to your Ecenica cPanel control panel. See Where do I login to control panel?
  2. Click phpMyAdmin.
  3. Select your Magento database on the left.
  4. Click the SQL tab.
  5. Enter the following MySQL query into the box:
    UPDATE `admin_user` SET `password` = MD5('PASSWORD') WHERE `username` = 'ADMINUSER';
  6. Update the MySQL query and replace the PASSWORD and ADMINUSER with your own details:
    • PASSWORD – Enter the new password you wish to use.
    • ADMINUSER – Enter your admin username.
      E.g. If your username us admin and you wanted your new password to be M&gent0 then you would run the following MySQL query:

      UPDATE `admin_user` SET `password` = MD5('M&gent0') WHERE `username` = 'admin';
  7. Click Go to run the query.
  8. Login to your Magento website with your new admin password.