Registering a domain takes a just a few moments. Follow the steps below to buy your domain with Ecenica.

  1. Open our Domain Checker
  2. In the Start your domain search field, enter the domain you want to register.
    • If you know the exact domain extension you want, e.g. then add it to the end.
    • Otherwise, if you’re not sure you can enter just example and we’ll show you the most popular domain extensions.
  3. Click Search
  4. Our domain checker will show you if your domain is available.
    • If your preferred domain is already taken, try searching for an alternative, you can add hyphens (-) or extra words like ‘the’.
  5. Click Add to Basket button next to the domains you’d like to register.
  6. Click the green Continue to Basket once you’ve searched and added all the domains you’d like to buy.
  7. Choose how many years you’d like to register your domains for.
  8. When you’re happy click Proceed to Checkout
  9. Enter your details to create a new Ecenica account, or log into your existing Ecenica account.
  10. Click Buy Now to place your order.

Tip: Registering your domains for longer means you can save money by locking your domain in at today’s prices and prevent billing issues affecting the uptime of your domains.