Learn how to quickly publish your iWeb website using your Ecenica account instead of Apple MobileMe. We’ll show you how to publish your iWeb site to a local folder and then upload your site using FTP.

Publishing your site

  1. In iWeb, click Site.
  2. iWeb select site

  3. Select Local Folder from the drop down list.iWeb select local folder
  4. Click Choose.
  5. iWeb click choose

  6. Select your Desktop and click New Folder.
  7. Enter a name for the folder, for example mywebsite and click Create.
  8. Click Choose.
  9. Folder Location should now show /Users/YourName/Desktop/mywebsite
  10. Click Publish Site.
  11. iWeb will copy your website to the new folder mywebsite on your desktop.

Upload your iWeb website to your web hosting

  1. To make your iWeb website live you’ll now need to upload the contents of the local folder you created in the steps above to your Ecenica web hosting package. To upload the files you’ll need a FTP app installed on your Mac. You can use any FTP you prefer and then use the. A favourite of ours is CyberDuck which is free, open-source FTP program for Mac. See How do I upload my website using Cyberduck FTP for Mac OSX. Follow the instructions below which are written for Cyberduck, but also apply to most FTP apps.
  2. Open CyberDuck.
  3. Click Open Connection.
  4. Fill in your FTP details for your web hosting.
    • Enter:

    • The server as
    • Your FTP username.
    • Your FTP password.
  5. Click Connect.
  6. A list of directories will appear. Double-click public_html to open it.
  7. Open Finder on your Mac .
  8. Open Desktop and open the mywebsite folder you created in iWeb.
  9. Inside your mywebsite folder you’ll see another folder called mywebsite and a file called index.html. Open the mywebsite folder by double-clicking on it.
  10. Select all the files by holding the Shift key + clicking the top and bottom files.
  11. Copy the files and folders into the public_html folder in Cyberduck .
  12. CyberDuck will now begin to upload your files to your Ecenica webspace.

Viewing your site

  1. Open Safari.
  2. Enter your domain name into the address bar and press Enter.
  3. Safari view iWeb site

Congratulations, you’ve uploaded your iWeb site.