This article explains how to set up your domain’s MX records to use Ecenica email services with your domain.

Steps for domains managed by Ecenica

  1. Log in to your Ecenica Dashboard.
  2. Click Domains.
  3. Click the domain name you want to manage.
  4. From the menu, Click Domain Tools > DNS Management.
  5. Select MX from the Filter to only show your domain’s MX records.
    Filter MX records
  6. Click Edit next to the MX record you want to change.
    Edit MX record button
  7. Enter 10 for priority and for Destination, replacing with your domain. Click Save Record.
    Enter new MX record details

How long does it take for my MX Record change to appear?

Your domain name will be instantly updated with your new MX record. However if you can’t see the change on your PC or Mac then it’s likely your ISP has a cache of your old MX records. Please allow 48 hours for these DNS caches to clear.