When using Softaculous to create a staging site, you get the following error:

The following errors were found :

Could not determine the database prefix for https://domain


You may see this error if the cPanel account you’re creating the staging site on has insufficient free disk space to clone the site.


The fix is to free up disk space or add additional disk space to the cPanel account.

How to calculate how much free space you’ll need

You can use Disk Usage (cPanel > Files > Disk Usage) and MySQL® Databases (cPanel > Database > MySQL® Databases) to view the current disk usage of your WordPress website files and database. Adding these two values together will give you the minimum disk you’ll need.

Your account requires free space to work, so we recommend keeping total disk usage below 90% of your account quota.

Ecenica VPS with cPanel

You can easily increase the disk quota for any of your hosted cPanel accounts in cPanel WHM

  1. Login to WHM
  2. Under Account Function, click Quota Modification.
  3. Select the domain from your domain list and click Modify.
  4. Enter the new Quota limit For example for 10GB enter 10000.
  5. Click Save to apply the new quota limit.

Once you are sure you’re got sufficient free space please return to Softaculous and try cloning your website again.