If you’ve received an email notification from Nominet and you wish to disable further email notifications, follow the steps below. This guide will help you unsubscribe from reminder messages regarding your UK domain name. Please note unsubscribing from Nominet email notifications will not affect the status or management of your domain name.

1. Open the Email

Locate the email you received from Nominet regarding your domain name. The subject of the email may relate to the expiration or management of your domain.

2. Click the Unsubscribe Link

Within the email, you will find a link which allows you to stop receiving reminder notifications. Look for a sentence similar to: “If you’d like to stop receiving reminder messages, please click: link.” Click on the provided link. This link is unique to your email address and the specific notification you received.

3. Confirm Unsubscription

After clicking the unsubscribe link you will be directed to a webpage on the Nominet website. This page will confirm you have successfully unsubscribed from the reminder messages for your domain name.

Note: Unsubscribing from reminder emails will prevent you from receiving future notifications related to your domain’s deletion lifecycle process. Make sure you are certain about your decision before proceeding.