In this article we describe how you can take a snapshot backup of your Ecenica hosting account using JetBackup, available on select Ecenica web hosting services.

Snapshot backups are a ‘point-in-time’ backup of your Ecenica hosting service. Snapshots are useful to take if you plan to make changes to your website, such as a major WordPress core update or WordPress plugin update.

It’s possible to restore or download the snapshot backup in it’s entirety, as well as restoring or downloading individual files and databases as required. This provides peace of mind if you make a change or update which you wish to revert.

Steps to take a snapshot

  1. Log in to cPanel.
  2. Click Snapshots
  3. Click Create new Snapshot

Your snapshot request will be added to the backup queue and processed. The time taken to complete the snapshot depends on the size of your account and the number of changes you’ve made since the last scheduled daily backup.

You can check the progress of your snapshot request from the Queue button in your cPanel.

Snapshot Notes

  • A maximum of one snapshot backup per account can be taken at a time. If you create a new snapshot it will replace the existing snapshot.
  • Snapshot backups are auto-removed after 2 days.