Use the steps below to create an image gallery on any of your WordPress website’s pages or posts using WordPress built-in gallery feature.

  1. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Open the post or page you want to add a gallery to.
  3. In the post or page, click the place where you want the gallery to appear.
  4. Click Add Media
  5. Click Create Gallery
  6. Upload any images you want to use from your PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad.
  7. Select Media Library
  8. Click the images you want to add to your Gallery.
  9. Click Create a new gallery
  10. If you want, you can re-order the images
  11. Click Insert Gallery

How-to edit an existing gallery

  1. Open the your post or page.
  2. Ensure Visual editor is selected.
  3. Click the gallery images, then click the Edit (Pencil) icon.
  4. Select Add to Gallery to add extra images to your WordPress gallery.
  5. Change the order and settings of your images under the Edit Gallery tab.
  6. Click Update gallery to save your changes.