The Ecenica team are happy to help you transfer your website from your previous host to your new server at Ecenica. We include our Free Website Migration Service with every web hosting account.

How to request website transfer help

To request Ecenica migration service simply use this link: Open a Free Website Migration request

How to transfer your website yourself

  1. Sign up for an Ecenica Web Hosting package.
  2. Take a backup of your current website files at your old host and download these your PC or Mac.
  3. Upload the website files from your backup to your Ecenica web space using FTP. See How to use FileZilla to upload your website
  4. If your website used a database, make a backup copy of your database at your old host.
  5. Create a new database on your Ecenica web hosting package. Take note of the database details as you may need them later on.
  6. Import your database backup to the newly created database. See Import a MySQL database using phpMyAdmin
  7. Update your website configuration files to use your new database settings.
  8. Preview your website before going live by changing your hosts file to point to your Ecenica web hosting IP.
  9. If you are also moving your email, create your email accounts.
  10. Once happy, update your domain name DNS to point to your new Ecenica web hosting.