Our domain renewal process gives you full control over your domains meaning you only renew the domains you want. You can even manually renew your domains at any time so you can lock-in at today’s prices.

  1. You register or transfer your domain with Ecenica.
  2. Your domains renewal/expiry date is shown in the My Domains area of your Ecenica dashboard. As a courtesy we’ll also email you 90, 60, 30, 14 and 7 days before your domain’s renewal/expiry date.
  3. You decide if you wish to let your domain auto-renew, manually renew or set your domain to expire.

Domain Renewal Email Notices

Ecenica will automatically email you multiple domain renewal notices before your domain expires. These emails are a friendly reminder a that a domain you own is due to expire and also give you the chance to manually renew your Ecenica domain ahead of the renewal date.

Days till Domain Renew Date Domain Renewal Notice
90 days First Domain Renewal Notice
60 days Second Domain Renewal Notice
30 days Third Domain Renewal Notice
14 days Fourth Domain Renewal Notice
7 days Fifth Domain Renewal Notice

Auto Renewing Domains

Auto renew is a feature we provide which will automatically renew your domain names for you. This makes your life a bit easier as you don’t have to micro manage your domain names and helps you avoid the chance of your domain expiring and taking your web services offline.

When auto renew is enabled for your domain we will automatically create a new invoice in your Ecenica Dashboard and send an email to you 30 days before your domain is due for renewal.

The invoice will renew your domain for the same period as your last domain renewal or original domain registration.

We will then automatically process the payment for your domain renewal on the day it expires using the card details you’ve entered into our secure Dashboard.

Once the payment has been taken we’ll renew your domain and send you a ‘domain renewal confirmation’ email. You don’t have to do anything else.

If there’s a problem processing your payment then we’ll email you. Giving you plenty of time to resolve it before your domain expires.

Manually Renew a Domain

If you’ve got the extra time or prefer to manually renew your domains then that’s fine! We’ve also got you covered.

Just disable auto-renew for the domains you wan’t to manually renew.

We’ll still email you reminders before your domain expires, but you’ll need to manually renew your domain using the links in the reminders or click this link Renew a Domain Name.