When I view my website I see an error message in my web browser similar to the below:


“Your connection is not private”

Microsoft Edge / Internet Explorer:

“There is a problem with this website’s security certificate.”


“Safari can’t verify the identity of the website”


Your website does not have a valid SSL certificate installed.


To fix you will need to ensure your website has a valid SSL certificate.

Ecenica shared hosting plans include free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt. Every domain you add to your account which is pointed to your Ecenica web hosting plan will automatically have an SSL certificate requested, issued and installed.

If you’ve recently connected a new domain to your Ecenica web hosting plan there can be a delay in issuing the SSL certificate. This is due to DNS propagation time. During this time you may see the ‘Your connection is not private’ error.

We automatically re-attempt free SSL certificate installs every day. You can also check the status of your free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate via cPanel.