During the resolution of a support ticket you may be asked for additional information to help us resolve your issue.


  • When the issue occurred?
  • Which email account/s?
  • Which email apps/s you’re experiencing the issue
    • Application name. E.g. Outlook
    • Version number. E.g. 10.1
  • What operating system? E.g. Windows 10
  • The error message you are receiving, if applicable?
  • Are you using IMAP or POP3?
  • Is the issue affecting sending emails?
  • Is the issue affecting receiving emails?
  • Are you able to login to Ecenica Webmail?
  • Are you running a firewall or anti-virus?
  • Who is your broadband provider / ISP?
  • Are you able to access your email from another device? E.g. iPhone over 4G
  • Is this affecting all email accounts on your Ecenica package?
  • Please list any actions you have taken to resolve the issue. For example, removing and re-adding your email account.

Please provide a screenshot of the email error, your email app settings and attach it to your support ticket.