Add a remote

git remote add origin

See Adding a remote – GitHub Help

Create and checkout a new branch

git checkout -b [branchname]


git checkout -b master

Checkout a remote branch

git checkout -b [localbranchname] origin/[remotebranchname]


git checkout -b master origin/master

Delete a local branch

git branch -D [branchname]


git branch -D BranchName

Delete a remote branch

git push origin --delete [branchname]


git push origin --delete BranchName

Automatically stage tracked files

git add -u

Automatically stage tracked files in a folder

git add -u folder_name


git add -u myfoldername


git commit -m {commit message}


git commit -m "Update WordPress to version 4.3"

Get a list of all changed files after most recent pull.

git diff --name-status ORIG_HEAD..

Stash Changes

If you wish to switch branches, but don’t want to commit what you’ve been working on yet you’ll need to stash your changes.

git stash

To see which stashes you’ve stored, you can use git stash list:

git stash list

Git Stashing

If want to keep your local modifications, use stash to hide them away before pulling. Then apply them afterwards.

git stash
git pull
git stash pop

Discard all local changes

If you’ve changed files, but wish to revert back to the last committed version.

git checkout -- .

Remove untracked files

git clean -f

Dry Run:

git clean -f -n

Remove ignored files

git clean -f -X

Remove directories and files

git clean -f -d

Update Git to use new .gitignore file

Commit all outstanding code changes before running the below commands.

Remove everything from the index;

git rm -r --cached .

Then run;

git add .

Commit it;

git commit -m ".gitignore is now working"

Solution courtesy of.gitignore file not ignoring – Stackoverflow

Tip. Using Coda 2’s built-in Git tools? After running the above commands close and restart Coda 2.

Edit/Amend last commit message

git commit --amend -m "New commit message"

Ignore permissions on working directory

git config core.filemode false

Ignore symlinks

Add all symbolic links to your .gitignore

find . -type l >> .gitignore

Remove all symbolic links from repository

find . -type l -exec git rm --cached {} \;

Ignore File Permission Changes

Make Git ignore local file permission changes.

Change to .git directory


git config core.fileMode false