Find answers to all your questions about publishing your web site files using FTP. Includes FTP settings, configuring your FTP clients and FTP troubleshooting.

Quick Start FTP Settings

Hostname Replace with your domain name
Username Your Ecenica web hosting package username*
Password Your Ecenica web hosting package password*
Port 21

What is FTP?

FTP is an abbreviation of File Transfer Protocol. It’s a fast way of transferring a your website files from your PC to your Ecenica web hosting.

Can you recommend an FTP client?

Yes. We recommend FileZilla, which is available for PC and Mac.

What are my FTP settings?

You can find your FTP settings in your Ecenica control panel. If you’re a Linux/cPanel user login and click FTP accounts, select your FTP account and click Configure FTP account.

Is there anyway to auto-setup my FTP account?

Yes. Login to your Ecenica control panel and navigate to your FTP account. Under the Configure FTP account option you’ll find downloadable configuration files for FileZilla (Windows), Core FTP (Windows) and CyberDuck (Mac OSX).

Which directory do I upload my website files to?

Upload your website files to the public_html folder.

Why can’t I upload a file?

You may see a permission error if you’re trying to upload files to a folder than has restricted access, or is configured not to allow files to be uploaded or overwritten. Use your Ecenica control panel to check that the folder has read/write permissions.

Why does my FTP download stop?

Close and restart your FTP app.

Why is my FTP connection being refused?

Check you’re using the correct username and password. Also check your connecting to the correct FTP server address. Check your firewall and router are not blocking access to your FTP account.

What FTP port do I need to use?


Do I need to enable passive mode in my FTP client?

Yes. We recommend enabling passive mode.

Can I use SFTP?

Yes, you can use SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) to connect to your Ecenica web hosting package.

Can I use FTP over an SSL connection?

Yes. Set your FTP client to use protocol: “FTP with TLS/SSL”.

Can I use WebDAV instead of FTP?

Yes. You can connect to your Ecenica web hosting package using WebDAV.