In this article we explain how to fix the “There has been a critical error on this website” which can occur on WordPress websites. When this error is shown the frontend of your website is down. The cause of the error is usually a bug in your website’s theme or a plugin causing a conflict with a newer version of WordPress.

Step 1: Enable debug mode to find the cause of the error

Enable WordPress Debug mode (Wp-debug) on your website to find out what is causing the error message to be shown. If you’re hosted with Ecenica you can enable WP-DEBUG in just a few clicks. See Enabling WordPress Debugging.

Step 2: Fix the error

Now you can see the cause of the error you can fix it. Common fixes to try;

  1. Try upgrading your PHP version your Ecenica hosting is using to a newer version How to change PHP version
  2. Increase your WordPress memory limit How to increase WordPress memory limit

If fixes do not work, rollback to a backup

Use our Backup and Restore powered by Jetbackup, included with Ecenica Business and Ecommerce hosting plans to restore your website to a working copy taken in the last 30 days. See How to restore your website from a backup using JetBackup