Your email can stop sending and receiving or you may have problems connecting to your email from your devices if you have recently updated your domain to point to Wix using the Wix name servers.

The easiest and fastest way to get your Ecenica email up and running again after connecting your domain to your Wix website is to change your name servers back to point to Ecenica. Please follow the steps below:

1. Re-connect using name servers

  1. Change your name servers back to the default and
  2. Switch your Wix connection from name servers to pointing
  3. Follow our guide to Connect your domain to Wix using Pointing

OR 2. Re-connect using DNS pointing and Wix name servers

If you still wish to use name servers you’ll need to contact Wix and ask them to create the DNS records to reconnect to your Ecenica Email service.

Please see Connecting a domain to Ecenica Email Hosting