If you’ve received an email notifying you of a service renewal, domain renewal or an email about your service such as your mailbox being full or a billing email about an invoice due or your payment details needing to be updated how can you tell if it’s genuine?

In this article we’ll explain how you can tell a genuine Ecenica notification.

  1. Look for a postcode. Genuine billing, service or support ticket email notifications we send about your Ecenica service or domains may include your postal code.
  2. Check your Dashboard Email Notifications. Validate your email notification by logging in to your Ecenica Dashboard and checking your Email Archive. A history and copies of all genuine emails we’ve sent to you will be shown here.
  3. In your chosen currency. Genuine billing notices we send will use the currency you have chosen to be billed in. E.g US Dollars or British Pounds.
  4. Matches our notice schedule. Genuine renewal email notifications about your domain or service will match our published renewal notice schedule

If you have any doubts whether the email you have received about your Ecenica service is genuine please contact us by opening a secure ticket and we will be happy to confirm.