When using Apple Mail on your Mac some emails are missing their attachments.

Missing email attachment in Apple Mail
Missing email attachment in Apple Mail


  1. You’re able to view an email in your Apple Mail client but are unable to to are using Apple Mail.
  2. You receive an email you are sure was sent with an attachment.
  3. The attachment is missing and you cannot see or download it


This issue is due to a bug in the way Apple Mail downloads email messages with multiple attachments, or email messages with large attachments.


Try downloading your email attachment by viewing your email message in an alternative email client such as our webmail app or another email application like Microsoft Outlook.

For ease of use we recommend using our Ecenica Webmail service. You can login to Web Mail using your Ecenica email address and password and download your attachments.

We have tested with your Ecenica email address as these email applications are not affected by the Apple Mail bug.