As your WooCoommerce website gets popular and attracts more visitors you may see slower performance. This is caused by a increased number of AJAX requests from each visitor as these requests are uncached.

If you run a WooCommerce website on Ecenica and see a high number of AJAX requests then disabling WooCommerce Cart Fragments AJAX can help improve your website’s stability and performance.

What is WooCommerce Cart Fragments?

WooCommerce cart fragments updates the cart without refreshing the web page for your visitors. This script uses WordPress’ admin ajax to perform the check.

Cart Fragments runs on all pages, even ones you do not need a cart check or have any Ecommerce function. This can break a page’s cache and reduce performance.

How can I see if Cart Fragments is running on my website?

You’ll see the following added to your domain when calling a webpage:

Additionally you’ll see the following in your access-logs: – – [21/Jan/2022:10:52:24 +0000] “POST /?wc-ajax=get_refreshed_fragments HTTP/2.0” 200 – “”

How to Disable Cart Fragments

We recommend adding the Disable Cart Fragments plugin to your website.