This tutorial shows you how to to delete email messages in Web Mail and also how to use Web Mail to permanently remove email from your mailbox.

Web Mail deletes email using a ‘two-step’ process. First you delete your email, then you confirm and permanently delete the email. The ‘two-step’ process avoids you accidentally deleting email by mistake and lets you recover it before it is too late.

Deleting Email in Mailbox View

Use any of the following actions to delete email when viewing your email in mailbox view:

Method 1:

  • Click an email.
  • Now click Move Message to Deleted Items in the main menu.

Delete button in Ecenica Webmail

Method 2:

Click and drag an email to your Deleted Items folder.

Drag and delete in Ecenica Webmail 2.0

Method 3:

  • Click an email, now press the delete key on your PC/Mac’s keyboard.
  • Right-click and select Move message to Deleted Items.

Ecenica Webmail Delete Menu

Deleting Email in Reading Message View

If you double-click on the message in your mailbox, your email will be shown in Message Mode. You can now use the following actions to delete the email:

Method 1:

Click Move Message to Deleted Items button in the main menu. The email will now be marked for deletion. Click the green back arrow to go back to your email list.

Delete button in Ecenica Webmail

Method 2:

Select Deleted Items from the Move To… drop-down list located in the main menu.

Move to delete menu in Ecenica Webmail

Deleting Multiple Emails

When viewing your emails in mailbox mode, you can select multiple emails and delete them using any of the actions above. See How do I select multiple messages?.

How do I permanently delete emails.

Any of the above steps will mark an email for deletion. Emails marked for deletion will appear ‘greyed-out’.

Webmail marked for deletion

Emails in this state can still be recovered and re-read. To permanently delete emails that are marked for deletion please do any of the following:

All emails marked for deletion will now be permanently removed from your email account.