What are addon domains?

Addon domains in cPanel allow you to add an additional domain names to your web hosting account, each with their own website and emails. Your new Addon domains will share the disk space and bandwidth allowance of your existing Ecenica web hosting package.

How can I create an addon domain?

  1. Login into your Ecenica cPanel control panel. See Where do I login to my control panel
  2. Click Addon Domains
  3. Enter your new domain name, for example yourdomain.com
  4. cPanel will automatically create a username and document root for you. We recommend you use these details but you can change them if you want.
  5. Enter a password
  6. Click Add Domain

How do I upload files to my addon domain?

After you’ve created your new addon domain using the steps above a new sub-folder will be added to your public_html directory called, for example domain.com. Your website files need to be uploaded to this folder.

How do I add email addresses to my addon domain?

You can create email accounts to your addon domain name using the normal steps found in the guide linked below.

How to create new email addresses in cPanel

How do I delete and remove my addon domain?

If you no longer need your addon domain name then you can delete and remove it from your cPanel account using the steps below. Please note that deleting a addon domain does not delete your folders, files and databases.

  1. Login into your Ecenica cPanel.
  2. Click Addon Domains
  3. Click Remove