Learn how to change the default Sent mailbox/folder in Apple Mail

If you have enabled “Store sent messages on the server” in your Apple Mail preferences, Apple Mail will create a folder called “Sent Messages” on your Ecenica mailbox and use that folder to save copies of sent messages. This guide shows you how to change the default sent items folder to use another folder on your Ecenica account.

How to change Sent Folder

  1. In Apple Mail, scroll down on the left sidebar to where your Ecenica email account’s folders are listed.
    Mailbox folders - Apple Mail
    Mailbox folders - Apple Mail
  2. Click and highlight the “Sent” folder for your Ecenica account.
    Selecting a IMAP folder in Apple Mail
    Selecting a IMAP folder in Apple Mail
  3. Click the “Mailbox” menu from the top toolbar.
    Mailbox menu - Apple Mail
    Mailbox menu - Apple Mail
  4. Choose “Use This Mailbox For”.
    Choose Use This Mailbox For - Apple Mail
    Apple Mail Use Mailbox Sent Folder
  5. Choose “Sent”.

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