Backups are a very important part of managing and developing your website. A backup will allow you to quickly restore your website in the event of data loss. The frequency of backups will depend on your own website, however we recommend taking at least one backup per month and before making any major changes to your website.

A home directory backup, will backup all of the files in the home directory on your web space. A home directory backup is useful if you only wish to take a backup of your website files. A home directory backup is a partial backup, meaning unlike a full backup, it does not include DNS, MySQL or other system files and settings.

If you would prefer to generate a full backup please see How do I Generate/Download a Full Backup?

Steps to download a Home Directory Backup

  1. Login to your Ecenica cPanel.
  2. Click Backup
  3. Under Download a Home Directory Backup, click the Home Directory button.
  4. The backup file will start downloading to your computer.
Before starting a backup please make sure you have free web space to save the backup file.