When you view email in Web Mail you see underlined words and adverts.


Ecenica Email is a paid, premium business email service. We do not attach banner ads to your emails, add adverts to signatures or place ads on our webmail.

We also do not data-mine emails for advertising purposes and of course, we never ever sell Ecenica user information on to third parties.

If you do see adverts, or underlined words that reveal adverts in Internet Explorer, FireFox or Chrome then the most common cause is adware (advertising software) is running on your PC.


Ecenica is unable to provide technical support for this error.

We recommend you contact your IT support and run anti-virus and anti-spyware scans on your PC.

A number of our users have had success removing adware from their PC using AdwCleaner. Please note, you use this software at your own risk.