Use the steps below to create an additional FTP account in cPanel on your Ecenica web hosting. Extra FTP accounts can be used to give your web developers access without having to provide your main account FTP details, keeping your account safer and more secure.

How-to create a FTP Account

  1. Log in to cPanel.
  2. Click FTP Accounts
    FTP Accounts button in cPanel
  3. Enter the details for the new FTP user:
    • A username for example, john
    • Enter or generate a password
    • Set the Directory for the user. For security, the FTP user can only access the directory set here. Access to other directories is blocked.
    • Optional: Set a maximum quota for the FTP user.
  4. Click Create FTP Account
    Add a FTP user with login, password and directory access.

Manage FTP Accounts

You can manage FTP accounts within the FTP Accounts section. From here you can change passwords for FTP users, downloading connection configurations for FTP apps, delete FTP users and change FTP user quotas:
Manage FTP accounts in cPanel