Use the steps below to add CNAME DNS records for your Ecenica domain names using Ecenica FreeDNS.

Steps to add a CNAME record

  1. Log in to your Ecenica Dashboard
  2. Click Domains.
  3. Click a domain you wish to manage.
  4. From the menu, Click Domain Tools > DNS Management
  5. Click the arrow next to Add Record and select Add CNAME Record
    Select add CNAME Record
  6. For Name, enter For example, enter cname if you want to setup
    Enter the domain or CNAME record you’ve been provided into the Record field and click Add Record
    Add CNAME name and CNAME record

Your domain name will be instantly updated with your new DNS CNAME record. However if you can’t see the change on your PC or Mac it’s likely your router has a cache of your old DNS records. Please allow 48 hours for these DNS caches to clear.