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Emails not downloading - How to fix

Status: Reported

We're aware of a small number of customers who are having problems sending and receiving emails using Outlook, Apple Mail and other email apps. If you're having similar problems please follow the steps below to fix your app.

What’s the cause?

Our email service is online and emails are being delivered to your mailbox. The issue is most likely due to an incorrect setting in your email app.

How do I fix?

Please check your device(s) are using the correct mail server settings for your outgoing and incoming mail servers.

When using a Ecenica email account your incoming/outgoing mail server must be;

Swapping with your domain name.

So if your email address is Your mail server is

How do I check my mail server settings?

Please see our article below for more information on how to check you’re using the correct server settings in your favourite app.

Any other settings will stop the email from working correctly.

If you are using as your mail servers this will not work.

How can I check my email whilst I fix this?

To check your email now, please use our webmail services. To access your personal webmail service simply open your web browser and enter;

Swapping with your domain name. Please note the above links work if you're using our default DNS settings.

Updated: 11th Jul 2019, 17:04 BST

All other services are online.

Updated: 22nd Jul 2019, 14:19 BST

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