Ecenica Limited Web Hosting Affiliate Scheme Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions (“Terms”) outline the regulations governing participation in the Ecenica Limited Web Hosting Affiliate Scheme (“Affiliate Scheme”). Your participation in the Affiliate Scheme implies your agreement to adhere to these Terms. Please review these Terms carefully before enrolling in the Affiliate Scheme.

  1. Eligibility and Enrollment
    1.1. To qualify as an affiliate of Ecenica Limited (“Ecenica”), you must be either an individual or represent business entity and must be of at least 18 years old.
    1.2. Approval by Ecenica is necessary for participation in the Affiliate Scheme.
    1.3. Enrolling in the Affiliate Scheme incurs no charges.

  2. Affiliate Dashboard
    2.1. Following approval, you will gain access to a personalized affiliate dashboard.
    2.2. The dashboard provides tracking tools and reports for monitoring referrals and commission earnings.
    2.3. It offers performance metrics such as clicks, sign-ups, sales, and other relevant data for your review.

  3. Affiliate Commissions
    3.1. As an affiliate, you will receive a 10% commission on the net price of each eligible service purchased by customers referred through your affiliate link, prior to taxes.
    3.2. You will also earn a 10% commission each time referred customers renew their eligible services for up to three years from the service’s initial sign-up date, based on the net price before taxes.
    3.3. Commissions will be credited to your affiliate balance after 120 days from the date of the referred customer’s purchase.
    3.4. Eligible services for commissions include select web hosting plans, email hosting plans, and cloud servers offered by Ecenica.
    3.5. Excluded services for commissions consist of upgrades, addons, domain name registrations, domain renewals, domain transfers, and any other miscellaneous services provided by Ecenica.
    3.6. Commissions will only apply to active services that remain active during the 120-day period from referral to commission being added to your affiliate balance. Canceled services will be ineligible.
    3.7. Commissions will only be tracked and paid for services purchased using your unique affiliate link and cookie.
    3.8. Commissions are available in Pound Sterling (£) or US Dollar ($).
    3.9. Commissions cannot be transferred to another Affiliate or Affiliate account.
    3.10. Commissions for an eligible service can only be paid to a single Affiliate.
    3.11. Unclaimed commissions will expire after 3 years.

  4. Affiliate Payouts and Payment Processing
    4.1. Payouts can be requested once your balance reaches a minimum of £30.00 or $30.00 USD.
    4.2. Payouts will be processed on the last Thursday of the following month.
    4.3. Payouts will be issued via Bank Transfer.
    4.4. You must specify and provide accurate bank account details for your Affiliate commission payout. Ecenica will not assume responsibility for inaccuracies.
    4.5. The payout amount will be reduced by any bank fees or charges incurred during the transfer of your Affiliate payout.
    4.6. VAT-registered UK business users must submit a VAT invoice that matches the payout amount.

  5. Cookie Tracking
    5.1. Affiliate payments are tracked using browser cookies.
    5.2. To receive credit for referred customers, your affiliate cookie must be present on the customer’s device at the time of purchase of an eligible service. The absence of a cookie may result in untracked referrals and unearned commissions.
    5.3. Affiliate cookies expire after 120 days.
    5.4. Only one Affiliate cookie can be active on a customer’s device at any given time. If a customer clicks on another Affiliate’s link, the new cookie will replace the existing one.
    5.5. Ecenica bears no responsibility for a customer’s deletion, removal, refusal, or blocking of your Affiliate cookie from their device.

  6. Affiliate Responsibilities
    6.1. The affiliate must act in good faith and safeguard the interests of Ecenica, its customers, and potential customers.
    6.2. Compliance with Ecenica’s instructions regarding the use of the affiliate scheme is mandatory for affiliates.
    6.3. The affiliate is required to uphold and enhance Ecenica’s reputation.
    6.4. In all promotional materials, the affiliate must clearly identify themselves as an affiliate and agent of Ecenica.
    6.5. The affiliate must adhere to all relevant laws related to advertising, marketing, and promoting services within their jurisdiction.
    6.6. The affiliate shall indemnify Ecenica against any liabilities arising from any breach of the clause regarding relevant laws.

  7. Promotional Methods
    7.1. While various promotional methods are permissible under the Affiliate Scheme, certain restrictions are in place to ensure fair and ethical promotion.
    7.2. Prohibited promotional methods include spamming, misleading advertising, and unauthorized use of Ecenica copyright and trademarks, including Ecenica logos.
    7.3. Ecenica reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to close your Affiliate account and reject any commission if we detect or are informed of promotional methods that violate these terms or harm Ecenica’s reputation.

  8. 120-Day Delay
    8.1. The 120-day delay in commission payouts serves as a safeguard and protection measure for Ecenica.
    8.2. It allows for the verification of referred customers’ legitimacy and ensures successful transactions without issues like cancellations, refunds, or fraudulent activities.
    8.3. This delay also allows Ecenica to address potential disputes or customer service-related matters that may arise.

  9. Support and Contact
    9.1. For assistance or inquiries related to the Affiliate Scheme, you can reach out to Ecenica’s dedicated affiliate team.
    9.2. Ecenica aims to respond to your inquiries within three working days.

  10. Untracked Payments
    10.1. If a payment is not tracking in your affiliate dashboard, various reasons could explain this, such as the customer not clicking on your affiliate link before ordering.
    10.2. You can contact the affiliate support team to address untracked payment issues; however, no representation or promise will be made to assign untracked referral income to your Affiliate Account.

  11. Amendment of Affiliate Terms
    11.1. Ecenica reserves the right to amend these Affiliate Scheme Terms and Conditions at any time at its sole discretion.
    11.2. Amendments to the Terms will be effective upon posting on the Ecenica website or notifying affiliates via email or support ticket.
    11.3. It is your responsibility to regularly review the Affiliate Terms to stay informed of any changes.