What is WordPress?

With WordPress v4.0 ‘Benny’ now available in Ecenica Free Apps, we thought it was the perfect time to ask the question What is WordPress?

So… What is WordPress?

WordPress is a popular blogging and CMS platform designed to make it easy to build modern, cross-platform and SEO-friendly websites.

A common misconception is WordPress is only good for publishing blogs. Whilst WordPress was originally built to publish blogs (which it does incredibly well), over the years WordPress has evolved from a simple blogging tool, into a fully fledged professional CMS.

WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org

WordPress comes in to different versions.

WordPress.com is a hosted, freemium version of WordPress. You can sign up, select from a range of themes and pay for extras like disk space and so forth.

WordPress.org, or is a popular blogging and content management system (CMS) designed to make creating eye-catching, modern websites simple and easy. WordPress is free to download and use. It’s also open-source, making it a popular choice among web designers and web developers.

In our opinion self-hosted WordPress is worth trying out before considering the WordPress.com version. This way you have the freedom to choice from thousands of themes and plugins, resulting in a more personal and unique web site. You can also install plugins such as WordPress SEO which can give your website a considerable advantage in Google rankings.

Self-hosted WordPress can also save you money. With WordPress.com it’s very easy to start paying for extras which are included free with self-hosted WordPress. For example, adding your own custom domain name or extra disk space costs extra on WordPress.com but are free with self-hosted WordPress.

Additionally, with self-hosted WordPress you can choose where you want it hosted. WordPress.com blogs are all hosted from the US. With self-hosted WordPress you can host your website in the UK. The advantage for you is your website will load far faster. Performance is everything and you don’t want potential customers kept waiting when they click your website.

Finally, as WordPress.org is also open-source you can pop the bonnet on your WordPress website and tinker to your hearts content.

What about other CMS apps?

For the sake of impartiality. There are some other awesome CMS apps out there which have their own unique advantages. Joomla, Drupal and e-commerce apps like the awesome Magento and osCommerce spring to mind. For a full list of alternative apps available with your Ecenica hosting package see our Free Apps.

WordPress Hosting

We offer a range of optimised UK WordPress Hosting packages which meet and beat the recommended server requirements to host WordPress. We include extras such as WordPress pre-installed, extra CPU/memory and free technical support from our WordPress experts.

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