ssl certificates

An SSL certificate is a digital file which encrypts (scrambles) the connection between your website and your client’s web browser keeping data safe.

Socket Layers (SSL) certificates provide a low cost option for securing your website and protecting your client’s data.

This secure connection ensures any info your client may enter on your website, such as credit card details, personal data, usernames and passwords are encrypted when they sent across the web, reducing the chance of anyone intercepting and stealing them.

When an SSL certificate is installed on your website a small padlock or green bar will appear in your client’s web browser and your website will appear on https://, immediately letting your clients know your website is secure. This helps quickly gain customer trust.

SSLs are suited to anywhere where you want to protect your users data.

Common uses of SSL certificates include:

  • Securing Online shops
  • Client login forms
  • Contact Forms
  • Secure Email

Benefits of using an SSL certificate include;

  • Better data security
  • Improved customer retention
  • Increased customer trust.
  • Compliance with payment providers such as Stripe
  • Low cost. We offer SSL certificates equal to only a few £ per month
  • Works with your existing Ecenica web hosting package.
  • Easy and fast setup

As of August 2014, Google now checks if your website has SSL certificate and uses this information to rank your site against your competitor. With this massive statement from Google and increased customer-awareness regarding data-privacy we expect an increasing number of businesses switching to https://.

The good news is adding a SSL certificate to your website does not cost a lot of money. Our cheapest SSL certificates start from only £30/yr and take only minutes to order and install.

It’s also possible to get wildcard SSL certificates which allow you to secure multiple sub-domain websites and Extended Validation (Green bar) SSL certificates, which provide extra security and trust for your customers.

If you’re interested in buying a SSL certificate you can order today. If you have any questions about SSL certificates email us at or Tweet us @ecenica.

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