As of 26th January 2016, the payment for the renewal of your Ecenica service will be taken on the date the service is due for renewal. This change is automatic and you just need to make sure you have a valid payment stored in your secure Ecenica Dashboard.

We’ve made these changes to our billing process in responsive to customer feedback, and we hope this makes it even easier for you to keep track of your renewals.

Previously we took payments 7 day before the expiry date to allow time for any billing issues such as an expired payment card, to be fixed before your service was due for renewal. However since we upgrade our payment system in 2014 and made it even easier to update your card online via Ecenica Dashboard we think the benefits of bringing the transaction date inline with the renewal date outweighs the occasional billing issue.

  • Payments taken on the date of renewal.
  • Easier planning and budgeting.
  • No need to change anything.
  • Ability to update your credit card at any time via Ecenica Dashboard.
  • We’ll let know you by email if we’re unable to take payment.
  • Invoices updated to show new payment date.

We’ve made our auto-renewal process easier and simpler. We’ve changed from taking payments 7 days ahead of the due date to ‘on the day’ your hosting and domains are due to renew.

New Renewal Billing Process as of 26th January 2016.

When your web hosting, email or Managed VPS is due for renewal we’ll now create an invoice 7 days ahead. We’ll send you an email notification. And take payment for your renewal on the day it’s due to expire.

Hosting Services

Auto-Renew Days before expiry
Invoice created 7
Payment taken Expiry day

Domain Names

Auto-Renew Days before expiry
Invoice created 30
Payment taken Expiry day

New Invoices for Renewals

You can see the date we’ll take your payment on your Ecenica invoice.

Your Ecenica Invoices show the date renewal payments will be taken.
Your Invoices show the date renewal payments will be taken.

Do I need to make any changes?

All we ask is you keep your billing details up-to-date. If they already are, then put your feet up and grab a coffee.

If you have questions about our auto-renew option (or Ecenica in general) we’d love to hear from you. Tweet us @ecenica or email us.

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