Discover how a UK plumbing and heating business achieved an eye-watering 1600% improvement in their page load times after calling on Ecenica to migrate their WordPress website to one of our new UK optimised Business WordPress Hosting plans.

At Ecenica we know how important performance is to our customers and this is why we focus on providing on of the fastest UK WordPress Hosting platforms available.

There’s more to just fast WordPress Hosting, right?

Of course there’s more to WordPress Hosting than just performance. UK web hosting servers built around the very best tech. Amazing customer service who know you by name and not a ‘number’. Knowledgeable and friendly support who are trained (and can code) in WordPress and WooCommerce. Great uptime with 24/7 monitoring. The latest security technology like realtime firewalls, free SSLs and a strong focus on best practice security are all important.

However when it comes to launching, growing and doing business on the Internet, we think fast, and we mean really fast WordPress Hosting makes the difference.

Why fast WordPress Hosting matters

Fast WordPress Hosting matters because the faster your WordPress site loads, the greater chance you have of your site being ranked higher in Google. Google uses your page load times when ranking your website in search results, and the higher your website ranks in Google, the greater the chance people will find you.

WordPress performance also lead to more sales. Web users expect fast load pages, and will not wait for a slow page. When a visitor has clicked on your website they want to see your website load fast. You only have a handful of seconds to display your web page and capture their interest. If your WordPress Hosting is too slow, you risk them leaving your site before you have a chance to impress.

This is where our new, faster UK WordPress Hosting can help improve your load times and increase your chances of ranking higher in Google. Increasing visitor traffic and reducing your website visitor bounce rates.

WooCommerce Performance

Speed also matters for online stores. If you’re one of the millions of WordPress store owners who have built their store around the awesome WooCommerce WordPress plugin, you’ll already know how important it is to have a fast and responsive checkout. Any delays in browsing, adding products to carts and checking out typically leads to your customer abandoning their purchase. We want our WordPress Hosting users to never miss a sale and this is again why we’ve built our WordPress Hosting to offer our best ever WooCommerce Hosting.

WordPress Hosting Case Study

One such customer who trusted Ecenica as their new WordPress web host is Everest Heating & Plumbing. They recently approached us looking for a new home for their WordPress website. They were looking for UK web host who could offer them fast WordPress hosting. Free expert support and a host they could trust to move their website from their old host for them without any downtime.

We’re pleased to say they chose Ecenica. After placing their order using our secure website they requested our Free Professional Migration Service and we got in to collect a few details and arrange a convenient time to migrate their existing WordPress website. The customer opted for the next morning and the following day our Migration Team successfully migrated their website. We completed their migration without any downtime to their website and we kept the customer informed at each stage.

It’s one thing us saying “really fast WordPress Hosting” but how do we prove it to you?

We like to to run some before and after tests using a WebPageTest – a reputable website performance testing site which uses global network of real browsers to give an accurate idea of site performance.

To keep things fair we use the same WordPress files. We ran the tests using the same locations and browsers. Where possible we ran the tests at similar times of the day. This way we can account for different internet traffic.

In this case we were comparing our UK Business WordPress Hosting with a generic shared-hosting package hosted with another UK web host, now owned by a large US-based company who also own many other brands. (If you’re wondering despite our less than British sounding name, Ecenica is an independent UK web hosting company and we’re not owned by a US or German equity group).

Performance faster FTTB load times after migration to Ecenica WordPress Hosting
Speed tests after migration to Ecenica Business WordPress Hosting. Lower load times are better.

FTTB (First Time To Byte), a measurement used as an indication of the responsiveness of a webserver, is an amazing 1659.3% faster at a rapid 0.194 seconds – Almost as fast as Usain Bolt’s reaction time.

Start Render’ time, when a visitor will initially see your website begin to load, is down to 1.4 seconds – 409% faster.

And the total load time for everything on their website (Facebook, all images, etc) is 8 seconds faster, down from 13.2s to 5.52s – a 140% improvement.

Despite such a big jump in performance we were still unsure if our customer would be happy. Thankfully we didn’t have to worry. Shortly after sending through a detailed report showing the massive speed boost, the customer came back to us saying he was very happy with the performance and happy about the streamlined migration.

Our website is loading far quicker. We’re really pleased. Great stuff!
Managing Director – Everest Heating & Plumbing

In fact shortly after the successful migration, our customer asked us to help transfer their domain from old domain provider. Which our migration team completed the same day.

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