Start a WordPress Website on Your New Domain in Four Steps

You’ve registered your new domain. Now what? In this post we’ll show how you can quickly and easily publish a new WordPress website at your new domain in just 4 steps with zero coding required.

Step 1: Add WordPress Hosting to your domain

At Ecenica we make it easy and save you time by a pre-installing WordPress on our WordPress Hosting plans. This coupled with blazing speed thanks to our 100% SSD powered hosting platform and FREE SSL certificates for maximum security means you have a fast and secure WordPress website set up in seconds.

You can add WordPress Hosting to your domain in just a few seconds:

  1. View our WordPress Hosting plans and pick the one which suits you. Choose Monthly or Annual and get 2 Months Free.
  2. Select Use a domain I already own and enter the first part of your domain and then the suffix. For example, yourdomain in the first box and in the second. Click Done, go to next step
  3. Check and proceed to checkout.

Step 2: Log in to your pre-installed WordPress site

When you purchase a Ecenica WordPress hosting plan we save you time and pre-install a fresh copy of the very latest WordPress for you.

Check your emails for the login link: and enter the username and password we’ve generated for you.

Now you’ve logged in to your WordPress Dashboard you can start customising your new WordPress site.

Step 3: Start customising the look

Now you’ve set up WordPress on your domain you can start customising your website to suit your needs. WordPress uses ‘themes’ which tell your website how it will look. The great thing about WordPress is it offers thousands of themes and is highly customisable to your exact needs.

The start point is to check a range of free Themes. Follow our guide to install a theme on your new WordPress site

Also available is a range of Premium WordPress themes. These differ from the free themes as they usually include extra features such as templates and demo content, regular updates and even direct customer support to help you build your website. See our help article for where purchase a Premium WordPress theme

Step 4: Creating your first page

Now you’ve got a website and look you’ll need content to start to rank on Google and allow people to find you. A great start is an ‘About Us’ page.

  1. On the left menu in your WordPress site click the option named Pages and then click Add new
  2. After clicking Add New you’ll see a new page. In the Add ritle box, enter the subject of your page, such as ‘About Us’.
  3. In the box below your title enter a sentence or two about what you and what you do. You can also add images and photos.
  4. Once you’re ready, click the blue Publish button to make your new page live on your website.

Congratulations! You’re now on your way to building an online website which can power your business and help you succeed.

The great thing about WordPress is it can be used to create anything, from succesful online stores to photography galleries. Your options are limitless.

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