We run through 7 benefits of running a self-hosted WordPress website compared to using a free website.

What is WordPress

Before we start, if you’re starting a website then we always recommend WordPress. It’s a popular blogging and CMS platform designed to make it easy to build awesome looking, modern websites.

There are two options for running WordPress. The first option is to use which is a website owned by a the co-creators of WordPress, a company called Automattic. With this option you can start your own blog for free, but with a number of limitations.

The second option is Self-Hosted WordPress. With this option you can build and run a WordPress website yourself with no limitations. The only requirement is you’ll need a web hosting package, which can start from as little as £14.99 a year.

7 Reasons Why Self-Hosted WordPress is Great

We’re big fans of WordPress so here’s our seven benefits of running a self-hosted WordPress website.

1. You are in control of your content

With self-hosted WordPress your data and content is owned by you. You retain all your rights and – as long as it’s not illegal – you do not have to worry about your website being suspended if someone decides it’s not to their liking.

Avoid the frustration of finding your WordPress website has been suspended due to a content issue.
Avoid the frustration of finding your WordPress website has been suspended due to a content issue.

2. Choose and customise any theme

You have access to thousands of awesome themes, catering for every taste and business which will make your website really stand out.

If you want a truly unique, one-of-a-kind look then a self-hosted WordPress website also gives you the option to edit the theme style yourself, or you can get a web designer to edit it for you. An option unavailable to users.

3. Use any WordPress plugin you want

You’re free to install and use any of the 39,000+ WordPress plugins available to use. There’s no limits or restrictions. So if you want to add an ecommerce store, gallery or contact form to your website then you choose the one you want and install it in seconds.

4. Advert free

The free website will randomly display GoogleAds on your site. The revenue generated from advert clicks goes to Do you really want to be advertising your competitors and not be receiving any money for it?

A self hosted WordPress website is 100% advert free website from the start. If you do want to add adverts you can do so on your own terms and can receive all the revenue from ad clicks.

5. Better customer support

The free version of does not include direct customer support. Any self-hosted WordPress on Ecenica web hosting includes 24/7 customer support 365 days a year. Our support staff have WordPress training and years of experience so can help you get the most from your website.

Self Hosted WordPress technical support from Ecenica
Get direct customer support for your self-hosted WordPress website 24/7 and 365 days a year.

6. Host your WordPress website in the UK servers’ are all based in the USA. Location is important because the closer your website servers are to your visitors then the faster your website will be. With a self-hosted WordPress website you can choose where you want your website hosted. Our WordPress hosting servers are located in the UK.

7. Save money

One of the best benefits of a self-hosted WordPress website is the control over your costs. Whilst you can get a website for free, if you want to customise it and use your own domain name you’ll need to pay. At the moment, a premium package costs £85 a year.

Putting this in comparison, you can grab a Ecenica cPanel hosting package with a free copy of WordPress installed in 1-click from only £14.99 a year.

If you’re looking to setup a self-hosted WordPress website, or migrate your existing website to self-hosted and would like help then email or tweet us @ecenica.

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