Learn about the recent Shellshock bash bug and the steps we’ve taken to keep your Ecenica services safe and secure.

You may have read about an internet-wide security vulnerability called “Shellshock”. This vulnerability was found in a key app, Bash, which is found on all Linux servers web hosting service providers like Ecenica use.

After learning about this vulnerability, we immediately took action and we’re happy to confirm that all Ecenica services are not vulnerable to Shellshock.

Steps we’ve taken

Here are the steps we’ve taken in response to the Shellshock bug:

  1. Quickly patched the Shellshock bug by deploying latest bash update across all Ecenica web servers.
  2. Provided extra support staff to deal with any customer enquiries.
  3. Rapid roll-out of updates within hours of security alert. (Fixes were in place as of 18:00 BST on Thursday, September 25th).

If you have any questions about this update please email us at and we’ll be happy to help.

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ssl certificates

An SSL certificate is a digital file which encrypts (scrambles) the connection between your website and your client’s web browser keeping data safe.

Socket Layers (SSL) certificates provide a low cost option for securing your website and protecting your client’s data.

This secure connection ensures any info your client may enter on your website, such as credit card details, personal data, usernames and passwords are encrypted when they sent across the web, reducing the chance of anyone intercepting and stealing them.

When an SSL certificate is installed on your website a small padlock or green bar will appear in your client’s web browser and your website will appear on https://, immediately letting your clients know your website is secure. This helps quickly gain customer trust.

SSLs are suited to anywhere where you want to protect your users data.

Common uses of SSL certificates include:

  • Securing Online shops
  • Client login forms
  • Contact Forms
  • Secure Email

Benefits of using an SSL certificate include;

  • Better data security
  • Improved customer retention
  • Increased customer trust.
  • Compliance with payment providers such as Stripe
  • Low cost. We offer SSL certificates equal to only a few £ per month
  • Works with your existing Ecenica web hosting package.
  • Easy and fast setup

As of August 2014, Google now checks if your website has SSL certificate and uses this information to rank your site against your competitor. With this massive statement from Google and increased customer-awareness regarding data-privacy we expect an increasing number of businesses switching to https://.

The good news is adding a SSL certificate to your website does not cost a lot of money. Our cheapest SSL certificates start from only £30/yr and take only minutes to order and install.

It’s also possible to get wildcard SSL certificates which allow you to secure multiple sub-domain websites and Extended Validation (Green bar) SSL certificates, which provide extra security and trust for your customers.

If you’re interested in buying a SSL certificate you can order today. If you have any questions about SSL certificates email us at or Tweet us @ecenica.

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It’s the last Bank Holiday of 2014! To celebrate we’re offering 30% off of all our Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting and Turbo Hosting packages.

To get the 30% discount off of your web hosting order, simply enter voucher code BNKAUG14 during checkout.

Starting from just £1.74 a month, you’ll get UK-based web hosting offering the best performance, unlimited bandwidth, cPanel Panel control panel, and free UK-based support.

All our web hosting packages also include a FREE transfer service, so we can quickly migrate your website to your new Ecenica web hosting package.

Our web hosting is also protected by our 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

Hurry, this offer is limited to the first 50 sign-ups and is only valid today, Bank Holiday Monday 25th August 2014. It will expire at 11:59pm!

If you have any questions simply email us at or tweet us @ecenica.

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Learn how to save time managing your web hosting and email with our top 7 ways to save time with Ecenica Hosting.

We know running and growing your business is demanding enough without having to worry about setting up complex email settings on your iPhone or dealing with spam email.

We’ve designed our UK web hosting packages to have everything you need to host your business but at the same time be simple and easy to use. Freeing up your time to grow your business.

Read More »
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Happy Fourth July 2014 Ecenica Web Hosting

Happy Fourth of July from all the team here at Ecenica HQ. Have an awesome day!

Remember, if you need help with your Ecenica service any time today (or night) our support team are available to answer your questions. Just email

If you have a great new idea and you’re looking for some new web hosting then see our new web hosting offers. Order today and save 25% off any Ecenica web hosting package.

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.UK domain names are now available at Ecenica from only £2.99/yr

We’re excited to announce the new shorter, snappier and more memorable domain for UK websites has arrived at Ecenica. This new .uk domain effectively replaces It’s easier to remember, 3 characters shorter and makes it instantly clear to your customers that your website is aimed at the UK.

The even better news is you can register your .UK domain with Ecenica today for a rock bottom price of just £2.99/yr.

To register your .uk simply click here to use our Free .UK domain checker and search for your new .uk domain.

The .uk domain is set to become the new standard for UK businesses and websites. If you want to stay ahead of the competition then register your .uk today!

If you have any questions about .UK domains then please email us at or tweet us @ecenica.

Start your domain search here:

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Ecenica CDN by CloudFlare®

Our brand-new Ecenica CDN Powered by CloudFlare® is now available as a free option on select Ecenica Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting and our full-range of high-performance Ecenica Turbo Hosting plans.

Ecenica CDN, or Content Delivery Network (CDN) CDN powered by CloudFlare® can improve the performance and security of your website by automatically caching your websites static files across a global network of custom-built, super-modern data centres.

On average, a website with Ecenica CDN powered by CloudFlare® enabled loads twice as fast for your visitors regardless of where they are located.

Benefits of Ecenica CDN Powered by CloudFlare® include;

  • Faster loading web pages.
  • Reduced reduces hops and lowers latency.
  • Extra protection against hackers, spam and DoS attacks.

Ecenica CDN powered by CloudFlare® caches the static content of your website across a network of 24 data centres worldwide so these files are stored closer to your visitors, while continuing to deliver your dynamic content directly from your Ecenica web server.

Visitors to your website are automatically served files from their closest data center resulting in faster loading web pages.

Ecenica CDN powered by CloudFlare® is available now on selected Ecenica Cloud Hosting, Ecenica WordPress Hosting, and high-performance Ecenica Turbo Hosting plans.

Existing customers can activate Ecenica CDN powered by CloudFlare® using their hosting control panel.

If you have questions about our new Ecenica CDN powered by CloudFlare® service please email us or tweet us @ecenica.

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WordPress 3.9.1 now available as a 1-click install

The latest WordPress 3.9.1 Maintenance Release is now available in Ecenica Free Apps

WordPress say the new maintenance release fixes 34 bugs found in WordPress 3.9. Fixes include bugs in WordPress multisite, minor issues in widgets, and fixes to the visual editor.

Whilst only a small update it’s still worth updating your WordPress site. And of course, always remember to take a couple of moments to take a backup of your WordPress site before updating.

For more detailed list of what’s been fixed see the official WordPress 3.9.1 Maintenance Release page or read the WordPress 3.9.1 changelog.

Other updated to Ecenica Free Apps for the week ending 10th May 2014 include;

phpMyAdmin 4.2.0
Piwik 2.2.2
ImpressPages 4.0.14
PmWiki 2.2.64
WordPress 3.9.1
Drupal 7.28
WebMail Lite 7.3.0
Typo3 6.2.2
Booked 2.5.5
Open Journal Systems
EGroupware 1.8.007
Piwik 2.2.1
DokuWiki 2014-05-05
ImpressPages 4.0.13
Dada Mail 7.0.3
Monsta FTP 1.4.4
Live helper chat 1.97

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To coincide with the launch of our brand new UK website, we’ve introduced a UK-targeted website and new UK Sales & Support Email Addresses

To streamline our web hosting services, we’ve split our UK and US web hosting services across two wholly separate domain names.

Ecenica UK & Europe

If you’re a UK or Europe customer, you can manage your account and buy new UK-based services from our new UK website at


Ecenica Dashboard (formerly My Ecenica)



Ecenica USA & International

If you’re based in the USA or an International Ecenica customer, you can continue to manage your account at


Ecenica Dashboard (formerly My Ecenica)



We’re here to help point you in the right direction, so please drop us an email at if you have any questions.

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Ecenica Hosting, a UK web hosting provider for UK business has announced the launch of their new look website, featuring a new range of web hosting services, as well as a new and improved user Dashboard.

To celebrate our 10th year of web hosting, we’re pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website, brand new range of web hosting services and new Dashboard – our new account area where you can manage all aspect of your Ecenica hosting services.

New Ecenica includes everything you’ve told us you want from a web host (and all the bits you don’t want). New features include brand-new high performance Turbo Web Hosting plans, brand-new domain registration services and phenomenal new secure Dashboard.

On behalf of all of us here at Ecenica HQ, we really hope you enjoy your new Ecenica.

What’s new?

New Turbo Web Hosting

Our fastest ever shared-hosting powered on our custom-built Cloud hosting platform hosted from our brand new datacentre. Includes new SLA, super-fast CPU and memory, plus professional VIP support. See our Turbo Web Hosting page for more details.

New Linux Hosting plans

Our cPanel shared-hosting is now bigger and better. With new better value web hosting plans. More choice and more high quality features. We’ve made managing your Ecenica web hosting services even easier with our new Dashboard. You can now easily upgrade your account to a new bigger Linux hosting plan, or one of our new Turbo plans with zero downtime to your website and email. See our Linux Web Hosting page for more details.

New WordPress Hosting plans

The perfect choice for your WordPress website. Our WordPress hosting designed from the ground-up to offer high performance, high quality WordPress Hosting. See our WordPress Hosting page for more details.

New Reseller Hosting plans

Grow your own web hosting business with our range of affordable Linux reseller hosting. Features award-winning cPanel WHM control panel (Linux) . See our Reseller Hosting page for more details.

New Email Hosting Plans

Improved email hosting now with more space and features. Personal or Business email hosting with fast POP, IMAP, webmail and roaming SMTP – so you can send email on the move. See our Email Hosting page for more details.

New Domain Registration

You can now register, transfer and manage your domain with our new standalone domain registration service.

domain checker ecenica
Brand new domain checker to quickly add new domain names to your accounts.
Ecenica domain name dashboard
New – Full management of your Ecenica domain names.

New SSL Certificates

Secure your customer data with our range of cheap SSL certificates now available for ordering via our new secure checkout.

New Dashboard

Ecenica Dashboard is our new name for our account area. (previously My Ecenica). Dashboard makes managing your Ecenica services and getting help super-easy. It offers everything My Ecenica did, and lot’s more.

New Ecenica Dashboard
New Ecenica Dashboard – Easier, faster, more secure control of your Ecenica account.

Manage Products & Services

Easily manage your web hosting account directly from within our secure Dashboard. Includes  quota usage, single-click sign-on into your hosting accounts, easier upgrade options, new password management options and lots more.

manage web hosting ecenica dashboard
New web hosting and email account management with one-click control panel login.

New Secure Tickets & Knowledebase

Getting help for your Ecenica service is now even easier with our brand-new secure Ecenica Messenger service, now known as simply Tickets.

New Ecenica Support ticket system
Brand new Ecenica support ticket system. Simpler to use, and easier for us to provide you support.

Stronger security

We’ve always taken the security of our customers incredibly seriously. With this in mind new security features include new more secure login, new stronger password encryption, new token-based payment service, more secure password reminders,  integrated password management, stronger passwords enforcement and fully SSL protected website (https://).

New Affiliate Program

Earn money by referring your friends, colleagues and family to Ecenica. To celebrate the launch of our new Ecenica website, we’re giving away a massive 25% commission for each sale throughout May 2014. Checkout our Affiliate page for more details.

And lot’s more… Other new features include brand new invoicing and billing platform, new renewal notifications., new sub account management with user-controlled access-rights  (ideal if you want your web designer access to your account but prefer not to have them view your personal info).

invoicing and billing ecenica dashboard
New invoicing and billing system.
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