LinkedIn passwords from a database stolen in 2012 were recently published on the Internet. Whilst unrelated, we’re instructing LinkedIn users to immediately update their Ecenica passwords.

What’s happened?

Hackers publicly released the account details and passwords of more than 160 million LinkedIn accounts from a hacked database from 2012.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s is one of those affected and had his Twitter and Pinterest accounts hacked as a result.

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Install Woocommerce

We’ll show you how-to install WooCommerce on your WordPress website so you can create an online store and start selling your products and services online.

What is WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a plugin for the popular website builder, WordPress which adds the ability to run an online store. WooCommerce is the most popular Ecommmerce platform on the web, powering over 37% of all online stores with nearly 15 million downloads.

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How to secure your WordPress-Multisite-Network with an SSL Certificate

Securing your WordPress Multisite Network with an SSL certificate is highly recommended. An SSL certificate can protect your users data, increase user trust in your website and brand. Plus prevent your WordPress website from being hacked.

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL certificates encrypt, or scramble, the connection between your WordPress website and your visitors device. Once for banks and online shopping, SSL certificates are now common place on the WWW. SSL certificates are most often used to secure websites, but also used to secure web servers, emails service and anything which requires a secure connection between two or more devices. Websites secured with an SSL display a small padlock, or green bar in your web browser.

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Manage your self-hosted WordPress blog or website on the go, using your iOS or Android device and your Ecenica WordPress Hosting.

Today we outline how to publish content from the free WordPress App, to a WordPress website hosted on an Ecenica WordPress Hosting account. As we’re big fans of the Apple iPhone we do focus on the WordPress App for iOS. However, the good news is the app is also available for Android and shares the same features as its iOS sister app.

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As of 26th January 2016, the payment for the renewal of your Ecenica service will be taken on the date the service is due for renewal. This change is automatic and you just need to make sure you have a valid payment stored in your secure Ecenica Dashboard.

We’ve made these changes to our billing process in responsive to customer feedback, and we hope this makes it even easier for you to keep track of your renewals.

Previously we took payments 7 day before the expiry date to allow time for any billing issues such as an expired payment card, to be fixed before your service was due for renewal. However since we upgrade our payment system in 2014 and made it even easier to update your card online via Ecenica Dashboard we think the benefits of bringing the transaction date inline with the renewal date outweighs the occasional billing issue.

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Our friendly, UK-based technical support team will be available 24 hours a day throughout Christmas and New Year.

On behalf of all the team at Ecenica HQ, thank you for your business in 2015 and we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We hope 2015 has been an equally outstanding year for you and we hope 2016 will be even more prosperous..

Looking back at 2015, it’s been a busy year…

Highlights include Ecenica becoming a full Nominet Accredited Channel Partner. Celebrating’s 11th Birthday. The launch of our Business Web Hosting – our new high-performance web hosting. And introducing our new WordPress Hosting

During 2015 the Ecenica team worked their way through two coffee machines, 30 kg of coffee beans and 100 mince pies – a company record.

We’ve got more exciting web hosting products and services planned for 2016 so watch this space.

As ever, if you need help with your Ecenica service our support team is open throughout Christmas.

Ecenica Christmas Opening Hours 2015
Day Sales & Billing Support
Christmas Eve 9am – 2pm Open
Christmas Day Closed Open
Boxing Day Closed Open
27 – 28 December Closed Open
29 – 30 December 9am – 4pm Open
New Year’s Eve 9am – 12pm Open
New Year’s Day Closed Open
2nd January 9am – 6pm Open

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Ecenica Team

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Fancy a Free .UK Domain? - register your free .uk domain name now at

Get your .UK domain name for FREE* when you register your .uk domain name with before 7th Jan 2016

This month Ecenica have teamed up with Nominet, the UK domain name registry, to bring you a fantastic offer on free .uk domain names.

If you already own a UK family domain name – that’s a, or domain name, and registered the domain before 28th October 2013 you may be eligible to take up your rights to the .uk domain name for free.

So, for example we currently own, meaning we would be able to register free for the first year.

How do I know if I’m eligible for a free .UK domain?

Unlike other domains, there are currently some limitations on who can register certain .uk domains. To find out if you’re eligible to register your free .uk domain name simply enter your preferred .uk domain name in Nominet’s Rights Lookup Tool.

To use the tool. Enter the .uk domain you wish to register with Ecenica, e.g. and click Lookup. On the next screen, you’ll see the lookup results. If the result shows “Domain name:, Right of registration:”, this means that the registrant of has rights to the domain

This offer isn’t around for long so make sure you register your free .UK domain name with before 7th January 2016.

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WordPress 3.4.1 security release now available at Ecenica

WordPress 4.3.1, a security release, is available now in Ecenica Free Apps, our easy to use 1-click installer free with Ecenica cPanel hosting and WordPress Hosting packages.

We’ve updated our easy to use WordPress one-click installer with the very latest WordPress 4.3.1, a new security release from

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We’re celebrating 30 Years of .UK domains with our amazing buy one .UK, get one .UK free offer. Register a .UK domain name and get a .UK domain name free. Save £5.99!

2015 marks the 30th anniversary of the .UK namespace and in those 30 years .UK domain names have become the defacto domain the the UK and also one of the most popular domains in the world.

To celebrate this milestone, we’re running a special buy one .UK, get one .UK free offer. You can register any .UK domain name and get a second .UK domain name free.

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Here are five beginner WordPress SEO tips for improving your self-hosted WordPress website Google ranking. The tips are aimed at WordPress beginners. Require no coding skills and only need 15 minutes of your time.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) for building websites and blogs. When it comes to SEO WordPress does a pretty good job out of the box.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the label given to actions which attempt to improve search engine rankings such as changing content to aim at a specific keyword search term.

What is WordPress SEO?

WordPress SEO are search engine optimisation tips which only apply to the WordPress CMS platform. Typically they’ll involve changing WordPress settings, modifying themes or installing/setting up WordPress Plugins.

Our Five WordPress SEO Tips for Beginners…

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Updating WordPress

Updating WordPress gives you access to the latest WordPress features, improved performance and better security. This week we look at why it’s a good idea to update your WordPress website and offer tips and suggestions for making updating WordPress even easier

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new ecenica business web hosting with ssd

We’re excited to announce the launch of our brand new Business Web Hosting with full SSD, Nginx and 1Gbps network – Our fastest web hosting to date!

Our new range of Business web hosting packages are powered by our high-performance SSD hosting platform and include business-class technical support from our in-house team of web experts.

Offering up to 20x faster performance over standard shared cPanel hosting, an Ecenica Business Web Hosting plan is perfect for running demanding WordPress and WooCommerce websites where fast load times are crucial to your company.

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Ecenica is now a Nominet Accredited Partner

We’re pleased to announce Ecenica is now a Nominet Accredited Partner for .UK domain names – the highest tier awarded by Nominet, the .UK registry.

Our new Nominet Accredited Partner status enables Ecenica to offer new and existing customers an enhanced .UK domain registration experience backed by the highest-levels of service and support.

To receive our Nominet Accredited Partner status we had to demonstrate a commitment to high-levels of customer service and compliance with high standards of data-quality.

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Money Back Guarantee Extended

We’ve extended our money back guarantee on our hosting services from 30 days to a whopping 30 days with the launch of our new ‘Happiness Guaranteed’ 30 day money back guarantee. Order any Ecenica web hosting, email hosting or reseller hosting package & get a free 30 day money back guarantee.

Benefits of our 30-day Money Back Guarantee

  • Try our web hosting services for free for up to 30 days.
  • Take time you need to try our hosting service.
  • Included free with your first order.
  • Full refund if not happy.
  • Easy refund.

Why have you increased your money back guarantee?

We’re confident in our web hosting. We offer a fast, reliable hosting backed by our graduate trained tech support team.

We know we can give you good service and friendly, knowledgeable support whether you’re just getting started and looking to host a brand new WordPress website or if you’re a veteran web designer with ninja coding skills looking to extract the most from your web hosting.

Because we’re confident, we’ve upped our guarantee to an industry leading 30 days. This gives you extra re-assurance and even more time for you to try out our web hosting services. If there’s a problem our technical team can’t help you or not happy for any reason then you can get you’re money back any time within the first 30 days.

So if you’re looking for new web hosting for your website then try our range of UK web hosting packages. Got a question? Email us or Tweet us @ecenica.

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