Register your reserved .UK domain name today.

If you’ve recently received an email from a strange company called Nominet, you might be wondering what it’s all about? In this post we explain who Nominet are, why they’ve emailed you and how you can register your reserved .UK domain with Ecenica.

Why have I received an email titled “Your right to a .uk domain name”?

The email ‘Your right to a .uk domain name’ has been sent by Nominet UK, the .uk domain name registry. The email concerns the new .UK domain name launched in Summer 2014. If you’ve never heard about .UK before, briefly .UK is a brand-new domain name intended for UK web users.

As an existing owner of a, or domain Nominet have sent you the email to let you know about the possiblity to register one or more .UK domains which they’ve especially reserved for you so you can decide whether to register the domain or not. Nominet’s email includes information on the new .UK domain, the deadline for registration and how you can register .uk domains with Ecenica.

Your right to a .uk domain name
‘Your right to a .uk domain name’ email from Nominet.

How can I register my reserved .uk domain?

Registering your new shorter .UK domain with Ecenica is easy, secure and quick. You can register your .UK in your name within a couple of minutes. Best of all, at the time of writing this post we’re offering 2 years registration of any .uk domain name at a discounted price of only £2.99/year!

To register your .uk now enter your existing, or in the domain checker below and click ‘Search’ to get started.

Start your domain search here:

Who are Nominet?

Nominet is the main Internet registry behind .uk domain names and have run the .uk, country code Top Level Domain name registry since 1996.

Ecenica is a full Nominet Member registrar. This allows us to pass on some unique benefits which are only available to Nominet Member registrars. Read More.

Do I have to register the reserved domain name(s)?

No. It’s entirely up to you whether you wish to register any of the reserved domain names. If you’re unsure at the moment but think it might be worth registering later, the good news is you have until 10 June 2019 to decide whether to register the new .uk equivalent of your domain. From this date your right to register the reserved domain will expire leaving the domain open for anyone to register.

What happens to my existing UK domain?

The good news is this email does not affect your existing domain name. It will stay online and work normally as long as you keep renewing it. Right now, there are no plans to replace these. So if you’ve got a, or with a lot of history then you can happily continue using it.

How can I opt out of these emails?

If you do not wish to receive emails from Nominet then simply use the opt-out at the bottom of the email they’ve sent you.

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