As the holiday lights twinkled and the festive spirit filled the air, the Ecenica team was hard at work on a range of enhancements to our Ecenica Dashboard, WordPress hosting, email and domain registration services. In this post we highlight some of the changes, new features and upgrades in our New Year 2024 Update.

New and Improved Dashboard

Winter 2024 update. New improved Dashboard.

We continue to rollout new enhancements and features to Ecenica Dashboard — our exclusive client portal. Updates include over 150 bug fixes, security updates and performance tweaks.

Enhanced Connect Device

Improve email connect and setup for apps and devices.

New features include a revamped Connect Email account page to make it even easier to login to Webmail and setup your device to access your Ecenica email.

New Sent Email Report

View summary of sent email in our new Dashboard Winter 2023 update.

Provides you with an overview of all emails sent through your Ecenica hosting service for the up to 7 days.

Easier 2-Step Verification

Two step verification or multi factor authentication improved in Ecenica Dashboard

New and improved. 2-Step Verification, also known as 2FA, or multi-factor authentication (MFA), adds a second layer of security to your Ecenica account. We’ve made adding 2-step even easier and faster.

Improved Drag & Drop Attachments

You can now drag and drop attachments whilst opening, or replying to tickets. We’ve also increased the type of files we support.

Drag and drop file attachments in support tickets

Code Upgrades

2x Performance with code upgrades in Ecenica Dashboard

We’ve replaced thousands of lines of JavaScript code to reduce payload and improve Ecenica Dashboard load times by up to 200%. Our code base is leaner, and makes greater use of HTTPS/2 to improve web performance.

Service updates

Upgraded MariaDB Database Server

We’ve upgraded our WordPress and web hosting servers to MariaDB 10.6. This latest stable version brings about a substantial improvement in performance, with benchmarks indicating speed increase of approximately 20%. Optimized query execution and streamlined processes contribute to quicker data retrieval from your databases resulting in enhanced overall responsiveness and improved performance for your web applications hosted on your Ecenica services.

New PHP 8.3

PHP 8.3 Ecenica WordPress Hosting

PHP 8.3 has been rolled out to our WordPress Hosting and Web Hosting plans. This new version of PHP is a major update and adds a host of performance improvements, bug fixes as well as new features such as explicit typing of class constants, deep-cloning of readonly properties and additions to the randomness functionality.

WordPress 6.4, available in Ecenica WordPress Manager features beta support for the new PHP 8.3. You can use PHP Selector in your Ecenica Hosting plan to try out the new version.

Better SEO and shop improvements in Website Builder

New tax options in Ecenica Website Builder ecommerce

New updates to Ecenica Website builder improves links across your websites and shops to make your sites more SEO friendly, helping them to rank in search engines such as Google and Bing.

Shopping and ecommerce functionality has improved, letting you display your products without taxes (GST/VAT) as well as letting you sell free products through the Ecenica Website Builder shop module, print PDF packing slips and offer free delivery thresholds.

The updates make it easier than ever for your websites built with Ecenica Website Builder to be found by your visitors and for you to sell the products you want. If you would like a trial of Ecenica Website Builder please contact us.

Transfer your domains to Ecenica and save

We’ve got low pricing on hundreds of domain suffixes and every domain includes our Free domain extras, free email forwarding, free web forwarding, free SSL certificate and free WHOIS privacy.

Domains can be transferred to Ecenica in just a few seconds. Transfer your domain to Ecenica today

Help Guide: What is and how to use DMARC

Email deliverability is set to be a hot-topic in early 2024 so check our our new help article on How to add a DMARC record to your domain which explains what DMARC is and how you can add a DMARC record iin just a few seconds using Ecenica DNS.

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