Money Back Guarantee Extended

We’ve extended our money back guarantee on our hosting services from 30 days to a whopping 30 days with the launch of our new ‘Happiness Guaranteed’ 30 day money back guarantee. Order any Ecenica web hosting, email hosting or reseller hosting package & get a free 30 day money back guarantee.

Benefits of our 30-day Money Back Guarantee

  • Try our web hosting services for free for up to 30 days.
  • Take time you need to try our hosting service.
  • Included free with your first order.
  • Full refund if not happy.
  • Easy refund.

Why have you increased your money back guarantee?

We’re confident in our web hosting. We offer a fast, reliable hosting backed by our graduate trained tech support team.

We know we can give you good service and friendly, knowledgeable support whether you’re just getting started and looking to host a brand new WordPress website or if you’re a veteran web designer with ninja coding skills looking to extract the most from your web hosting.

Because we’re confident, we’ve upped our guarantee to an industry leading 30 days. This gives you extra re-assurance and even more time for you to try out our web hosting services. If there’s a problem our technical team can’t help you or not happy for any reason then you can get you’re money back any time within the first 30 days.

So if you’re looking for new web hosting for your website then try our range of UK web hosting packages. Got a question? Email us or Tweet us @ecenica.

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