We’re excited to unveil Ecenica Dashboard “Picasso” v0.90, our latest release of our user interface. Our new Dashboard is now available for you to use to configure and manage your Ecenica domains, services and Ecenica account.

Ecenica Dashboard

Pablo Picasso’s artistic style evolved throughout his lifetime and whilst our plans are perhaps less avant-garde, we expect Ecenica Dashboard to follow a similar path as we rollout new features over the coming weeks.

So what’s new?

We’ve packed this release with brand new features including adding more security to your login via two-factor authentication. Support for new stronger Secure Customer Authentication (SCA) card payments. New domain tools with secure DNS, email forwarding and SSL web redirection. New easier ways to manage your Ecenica Hosting plans including built-in email management and quick-links to cPanel and WHM. It’s now even easier to manage your Ecenica Cloud VPS servers and there’s new tools to connect your domain to web hosting services.

Why version 0.9, wheres the other 0.1?

We assigned this release version 0.90 as we have a small number of features which we still need a little more time to work before we think they’re ready for you to use. Features coming soon include ‘User Management Invites’. This fantastic feature will allow you to securely and easily share your Ecenica account with other Ecenica users. Another feature is easier domain renewals and an enhanced domain availability checker with better domain suggestions, more domain tools and closer integration with your WordPress websites.

When will you be releasing version 1.0?

We’re already working on the next minor release and we’ll be releasing version 1.0 later this year at which point we look forward to being able to celebrate this milestone with you.

What about the other parts of Ecenica?

We’ve been listening to your feedback and over the next few weeks we’ll be launching a brand new Knowledge-base with more articles, more videos and better search. There’s also a brand new blog in the pipeline with more up-to-date news and more tips on using Ecenica services. There’s also a brand new website to make it easier for you to find information on our domain name and web hosting services and to make it easier to upgrade. As soon as they’re ready we’ll announce them here and across our socials.

When will you be updating the support guides?

Unfortunately Omicron paid a visit to Ecenica HQ recently which means we’re a little behind with updating our Knowledge-base to reflect the brand new Dashboard features. Rest assured the articles will be updated as soon as possible. In the meantime we’ve published a number of short videos below to get you started and If you need help using any of the new features please contact us.

Ok, so what’s new?

Put simply. Everything. Our best advice is to login and check for yourself however key features include;

  • New Home screen provides useful at-a-glance information about the activity on your account.
  • Better support for latest mobiles, tablets, PCs and Mac.
  • Support for cards with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).
  • Enhanced two factor authentication to add an extra layer of security.
  • New tools to manage your Ecenica WordPress and Ecenica Web Hosting plans.
  • Easier email account management. Add, edit and delete email account inside Dashboard.
  • Improved domain management with new domain tools including DNS, email forwarding and new SSL redirection.
  • New cPanel and WHM shortcuts including WordPress manager, Email and Database shortcuts.
  • Keeping your account details is now even easier and more secure.
  • View your order history, download invoices and view copies of important account emails we’ve sent you.
  • New Support Ticket layout with better support for mobile devices.

How do I login to Ecenica Dashboard?

To login to Ecenica Dashboard enter your existing Ecenica username and password and tap Login.

How do I reset reset a forgotten Ecenica password?

Visit the password reset form or click Forgot your password? on the Ecenica login screen.

How do I add or update my payment card?

Adding a new card, or updating an existing card is easy and secure. After logging in click Billing & Account in the left menu. Click Payment Methods. To add a new card click Add New Credit Card. Enter your card details. Click Save Changes

How do I login to my Ecenica Web Hosting (cPanel)

It’s now easier to access your web hosting control panel with many features now available from within your Dashboard. We now list your active web hosting services on your Home screen and you’ll also find a link to your services in the main menu. If your plan includes cPanel, click Login to cPanel from the main menu or in the Shortcuts panel. Web Hosting plans with WHM and Ecenica Cloud VPS plans with cPanel will also have the option to login to WHM. We use the latest APi Authentication meaning your username and password are kept hidden at all times.

How to manage your domain in Ecenica Dashboard

Login to Ecenica Dashboard. Click Domains in the left menu. Click My Domains. We’ll show you a table of your domains. Click the domain you wish to manage. You’ll now see your domain overview page.

Have a question?

If you need help using any of the new features email support@ecenica.com or send us a ticket.

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