LinkedIn passwords from a database stolen in 2012 were recently published on the Internet. Whilst unrelated, we’re instructing LinkedIn users to immediately update their Ecenica passwords.

What’s happened?

Hackers publicly released the account details and passwords of more than 160 million LinkedIn accounts from a hacked database from 2012.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s is one of those affected and had his Twitter and Pinterest accounts hacked as a result.

How am I at risk?

If you’ve use the same password for all your logins then your Ecenica accounts, email addresses or your website logins, like WordPress, Joomla! or Magento will be at risk because these details are now publicly available. We recommend you change your passwords immediately.

LinkedIn homepage
LinkedIn homepage

Even if you have changed your LinkedIn password since 2012, we recommend you check none of your Ecenica accounts are using a weak password such as 123456, password or * 123456789* as these are easy to guess and hack.

What should I do?

If you have any questions about your web hosting security, or would like to chat about our UK Web Hosting please get in touch today.

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