Introducing new Ecenica Webmail available with all web hosting and email hosting plans.

We’ve launched our new, upgraded Ecenica Webmail service. Available now to all Ecenica web hosting and email hosting users.

We know how important your Ecenica email services are to you. Whether you’re using email for personal or business. Whilst it’s possible to connect your Ecenica email across many devices and email apps, we know the simple value of being able to open a web browser on any device and access your email instantly without having to configure or enter settings is a powerful feature.

This is why we’re pleased to announce the brand new Ecenica Webmail with new user interface, new features and cross device support so you can read and send emails from your computer, tablets and smartphones.

Whats new with Ecenica Webmail

The new upgraded Ecenica Webmail is a complete overhaul of the old Webmail, featuring thousands of updates. Highlights include a brand new user interface, new contact and calendar system and behind the scenes functionality, optimisation and performance upgrades. All these features combined make it a huge upgrade over the old Ecenica Webmail, which has served us well over the past 10 years but is now set to be retired.

Latest security

We take security very seriously at Ecenica. Email security is one of our highest priorities. We’re pleased to announce the new Ecenica Webmail features a range of security updates, from password authentication to patches to prevent the latest ‘man in the middle’ cross-site scripting exploits to make Webmail the most secure platform available to date.

Optimised for speed

The behind the scenes code improvements mean Ecenica Webmail is now up to 54% faster than old webmail when reading and displaying emails as well as composing and uploading and adding attachments and images to the emails you send.

New improved user interface

A brand new use interface brings Webmail fully up to date and makes Webmail easier to use across multiple devices, including phones and tablets. The new responsive design means you can access and use Webmail from your phone or tablet, just as easily as from your main computer.

Usability upgrades

A raft of new userbility features makes Ecenica Webmail more powerful than ever for you to use. Features include:

  • User and password prefill support for web browsers
  • HTML email signatures
  • Brand new Contacts system
  • Fully integrated Calendar with invitations
  • Ability to upload and send 50MB attachments
  • Spell check in over 35 languages
  • New updated HTML editor for composing great looking emails
  • Message threading to group conversations
  • Direct link to your Ecenica Email service so you can set autoresponders, change forwarding settings and change your password

New Webmail Calendar service

A brand new Calendar service is linked in to new Ecenica Webmail. The new calendar allows you to schedule events and invite participants. Participants will be invited by email to your events and you can see and manage attendance.

The new Webmail calendar can also be accessed and sync with your other devices and email apps.

New Webmail Address Book

The new address book in Ecenica Webmail makes it easier than ever before to manage and keep track of your email contacts. The new contact address book system makes it possible for you to add extra fields from nicknames to company job titles as well as profile images so you can find and send emails to your contacts quickly and easily.

The new group contacts feature is a powerful new tool which makes it possible for you to quickly compose emails to an entire group of contacts in just a few clicks.

Accessibility features

New Ecenica Webmail is fully accessible. Complying with all Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 to help ensure it’s useable by the widest range of Ecenica users.

How can I access new Ecenica Webmail?

New Ecenica Webmail can be accessed directly at and also by clicking the new yellow banner along the top of old Webmail.

Do you have any support guides for using the new Ecenica Webmail?

Yes, please see our new Getting Started guide for using new Ecenica Webmail.

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