Ecenica Status new service status page

At Ecenica we are always improving our products and services to offer our customers an even better experience. Our aim is to make your Ecenica service the best service possible.

We know having a simple and clear status page is important to our customers. Based on feedback we’ve introduced Ecenica Status, our new real-time service status page.

Ecenica Status means you can access up to date service status whenever you wish, giving you extra peace of mind and allowing you to plan around scheduled maintenance and upgrades.

What’s new in Ecenica Status?

  • More secure
  • Mobile friendly
  • New clearer, responsive design
  • Easier to see a quick snapshot of your service status
  • More accessibility features
  • Easier to view past history
  • Localised timestamps

How do I know if services are online?

A dynamic banner at the top indicates the current status. Green ‘All systems operational’, Blue ‘Some systems are experiencing issues’ and Red ‘Some systems are experiencing major issues’.

‘All systems operational’ means there are no current network or system issues which would affect your Ecenica services.

What are the statuses?

  • Operational
  • Performance Issue
  • Partial Outage
  • Major Outage

What are the services?

We’ve simplified the services displayed on Ecenica status to help provide an easier to understand service status. We now provide a more generalised overview of services so it’s easier for you to see at a glance if a service is having technical difficulties.

Service Name Description
Email Your Email accounts. Includes sending, receiving & reading email.
Domains Your domain name registrations. Includes registering, renewal and management of your domain.
DNS Your DNS. Includes DNS resolution and management of DNS records.
Ecenica Dashboard Ecenica Dashboard. Includes billing, management of your services, secure ticket system. The main website. Ordering, Knowledge Base

Roadmap for Ecenica Status development

We’ll continue to work on improvements to Ecenica status. Some planned work includes;

  • Subscribe and receive email notifications of upcoming scheduled maintenance and reported issues
  • Improved display of status and upcoming maintenance
  • Better integration

Where can I find Ecenica Status?

The URL for Ecenica Status is

You can also access it at

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