Protecting our customers and customer data is one of our top priorities.

Here are some of the security measures we use to keep your websites secure;

We have sophisticated IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems) and IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems) which update in realtime to block malicious bots and attackers. If our systems detect irregular activity we’re instantly alerted and are able to quickly respond to any threats. We’re able to detect a range of activity including brute-force login attempts.

We include a Web Application Firewall (WAF) with our servers which is updated daily with rules to help block and prevent the most common website exploits.

At Ecenica we make sure we run all the latest versions of our web stack. This ensures vulnerabilities and exploits are fixed and our servers remain secure.

We only use the very best hardware and software designed for enterprise web hosting. Our custom-built servers feature multi-core Intel CPUs, faster RAM memory and enterprise-grade SSD disks. We use RAID technology for improved data redundancy and enhanced I/O performance.

We own and operate our web servers meaning we have total knowledge of all the hardware and software which helps keep your server and website online. This includes things like knowing the serial number of every component and buying from different suppliers to ensure disks are from different build dates — protecting us from possible manufacturing issues.

Server operating system is CentOS (Linux) — one of the most secure operating systems available.

Additional security measures include realtime network and server monitoring powered by our bespoke monitoring software exclusive to Ecenica.

We use specialised server software to isolate accounts on our hosting platforms. Isolation protects your website by limiting account access to you only. This prevents privilege escalation and information disclosure attacks which can compromise your website data.

We’ve built our web servers for compliance with latest PCI (Payment Card Industry) Security Standards.

As part of our own disaster recovery plans we take a backup of your Ecenica account each day and securely store each backup for up to 30 days. Meaning if something bad happens we can attempt to restore your account from any point in the past 30 days. We also offer a range of backup add-ons which are better suited to day-to-day backups/restores. See our backup policy for more information.

Additionally, if you are hosted on one of our Cloud Servers you gain extra security from being the only account on the server. As a Cloud Server customer with our Managed Server add-on — you have the added peace of mind of knowing your server is being maintained by our team of server experts.

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