Ecenica Dashboard Release Notes 1.0

We’re thrilled to announce that Ecenica Dashboard our exclusive web hosting and billing portal, has officially reached Version 1.0! This release marks a significant milestone for us, with over a dozen new features, 250+ fixes and updates packed into this exciting update.

In this blog post, we delve into the key improvements and enhancements included with Version 1.0 of Ecenica Dashboard. Whether you’re a seasoned user or just getting started, these updates are designed to make your web hosting and domain name experience smoother and more efficient.

If you have any questions about this release or need assistance, our dedicated team is here to help. Feel free to contact us with your inquiries, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

General Enhancements

  • Add breadcrumb menu at the top of each Dashboard page to aid navigation.
  • Improved Web Hosting Affiliate dashboard for Affiliate Members.
  • Added a new Affiliate FAQ.

Login Improvements

  • Tabbing between inputs is now more intuitive.
  • Improved two-factor authentication and bug fixes.
  • Pasting your OTP code will now auto-log you in.

Account Management

– Revamped account homepage with direct links to key sections.
– Added email preferences selection to the main account settings.

Switch Accounts
– Redesigned switch accounts interface for easier account navigation.
– Clear indication of the currently logged-in account.
– Added ticket count for quick support activity overview.

Team Management
– New team member addition feature with customizable permissions.


Two-Step Verification
– Rebranded as “2-Step Verification” for clarity.
– Streamlined and improved the setup process.

Support and Ticketing

Support Tickets
– Upgraded Support Tickets list view.
– Added a navigation overview page for smoother small-screen navigation.
– New ticket billing department layout to make it easier to select the correct department.
– Easier ticket creation.
– New drag and drop attachments.
– Improved file attachment support.
– Various bug fixes.

Payments and Billing

– Introduced a new “Payments” page to track payment activity.

Payment Methods
– Fixed card updating issues.
– Improved error handling and resolved minor bugs.

– Fixed a bug preventing invoices dated after 2021 from downloading.
– Improved loading times for members with numerous past invoices.
– Added support for the US date format.
– Enhanced line item display and resolved bugs.

Email Management

– Fixed issues related to email password updates on addon domains.
– Addressed minor layout bugs.
– Improved email account display on smaller screens.
– Added a “Connect Device” feature for easier email app setup.
– Included shortcut links for Spam, Email Filters, Email Deliverability, and Default (catch-all).

Email Forwarding
– Resolved issues with creating and deleting email forwarders.
– Now view email forwards for hosting plans with multiple domains.
– Validated email forwarders to allow hyphens.

Website Management

Website Forwarding
– Fixed a bug related to web forwarding when DNS records were missing.
– Added a confirmation prompt for web forward deletion.
– Removed A and CNAME records when deleting a web forward from Ecenica DNS.
– Minor UI enhancements.
– Preserved DNS records when removing a web forward from an alias-connected domain.

Connecting Domains
– Fixed a bug preventing the display of newly connected domains.

Notifications and Communication

– Addressed minor bugs and enhanced security.
– Fix long subject layout bug in email notifications.

Domain Management

Domain Names
– Now include the domain name in the URL for easy identification.
– Added domain auto-suggest during searches.
– Enabled disabling auto-renew for expired domains in the grace period.
– Resolved pricing bug for Whois Privacy.
– Enhanced domain pricing page.
– Added support for Ecenica Domain Discount Club (Beta).
– Improved pagination links for domain filtering.
– Added the option to filter domains by auto-renewal status.

Domain Transfers
– Enhanced domain checks during transfers.
– Streamlined the EPP/Auth code workflow.
– Added an option to generate EPP/Auth codes.

Domain Verification
– Improved domain verification notes, including the recipient’s email address.
– Included email subject for easier identification.
– Enhanced verification notice buttons for small screens.
– Displayed pending approval contact details for domains requiring verification.

Name Servers
– Fixed layout issues.
– Enhanced name server validation and error messages.

Hosting and Servers

VPS Cloud Servers
– Introduced a new product overview layout.
– Added tooltips with server hardware information (CPU, SSD, Memory).
– Addressed minor bugs.

Cloud Hosting
– Added new shortcut links.
– Included JetBackup (backup addon) links.
– Option to display links in tabs or as a list.
– Added a domain transfer button for domains registered outside of Ecenica.
– Added “Websites” to the usage pie chart.

Google Workspace

  • Google Workspace
  • Renamed “Users” to “Licenses” for clarity in user and license management.
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