Ecenica's Commitment To Protecting Your Data

At Ecenica, everything we do is focused on earning your trust. For this reason, we use strong encryption and strict security policies to protect your personal data.

Security, alongside speed and support, is a core pillar of our business ethos. At every level, from our data centres and web servers powering our web hosting platform, to our staff training, we place emphasis on your security and privacy.

Whilst we deliberately take a discreet approach to security, we are able to briefly outline some high-level security measures and policies we use to keep you safe;

Strong Encryption

Encryption scrambles data sent between your computer and Ecenica. We use encryption across our systems and services to ensure your key personal details are encrypted and not left in plain-text, readable form. We also use encryption across our website so when you login, or fill in an order form your personal data is kept safe.

We Do Not Store Your Full Credit Card Details

We do not store your full payment details on our own servers making it impossible for someone to gain access to your credit card details.

Secure Payments

When you enter your payment details into our secure website, your payment details are encrypted and sent to our secure payment processor. In return we receive a token, which is randomly set of numbers and letters. The token cannot be turned back into card details and is useless on its own.

PCI Compliance

We comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). Our payment provider is a PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available.

Protecting Personal Data

Handing over your details online is daunting. We know this. That’s why, as a registered UK Limited company we strictly follow the Data Protection Act to ensure your personal data is always handled securely. Unlike some providers, we’re not a marketing company. We do not data mine or collect your details to profile you and help sell services or offer this information to third parties for marketing purposes. Our interest solely in providing you with fast, secure web hosting with great support.

Committed To Protecting Your Security

We know being pro-active about security is a necessity to maintain your trust.

With this in mind we monitor our systems and services 24/7, with checks every minute of every day and use Intrusion Detection Systems to automatically respond and block attacks.

In addition, we actively update and ensure our systems run the latest security patches. Our staff are continually trained in new threats and best practices for keeping your data safe.

It doesn’t end there…

The above represents a very small part of our total security policies and our daily commitment to protecting your data.

If you have questions about security please tweet, or email us.

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