7 Tips To Be More Productive with your Ecenica cPanel Hosting

Be more productive with your Ecenica cPanel Hosting package with these seven tips. Save time, get more done and take one step closer to world domination. (We might have exaggerated that last one)

Getting started Wizard

Getting Started Wizard helps you quickly setup and start using your Ecenica cPanel Hosting package. It’s perfect for first time users. If you’re a cPanel veteran, there’s also something there for you.

cPanel Getting Started Wizard will guide you through setting up your Ecenica package so you can publish a website, create an email address and even setup your SSH access in seconds.

When you first login to your Ecenica cPanel Hosting package you’ll see cPanel Getting Started Wizard. You can also open it at any time by clicking the Getting Started Wizard.

Ecenica cPanel Hosting Getting Started Wizard
Ecenica cPanel Hosting Getting Started Wizard

Generate Stronger Passwords

Use cPanel’s built-in Generate Password tool to create super-strong passwords. With hacking attacks now in the news on a daily basis it’s never been more important to use strong passwords. Creating a hacker-proof password off the top of your head is tricky so save time by letting cPanel think one up for you.

cPanel Password Generator conveniently appears wherever you’re asked to  create or edit a password. To open the Generate Password, simply click the “Password Generate” link. A new window will pop up with a pre-filled password. To use the password, tick “I have copied this password to a safe place” (we recommend storing passwords in a password locker app like 1Password or similar). Click “Use Password” to copy your generated password to the form.

Ecenica cPanel Hosting Password Generator
Ecenica cPanel Hosting Password Generator

Zip & Upload Faster With cPanel File Manager

Save time by zipping up your files and use cPanel’s built-in tools to deploy the files.

With Ecenica cPanel Hosting, simply zip up your website files first on your Mac or PC and then upload and extract them using our easy to use File Manager.

Uploading one big file is faster than uploading lots of small files and compressing reduces the amount of data you’ll have to transfer.

cPanel supports all major file types including .zip, .tar and .bz2.

Even with a super-fast fibre broadband it’s guaranteed to save you time so you can spend your time at a real bar and not watching a slow progress bar.

Ecenica cPanel Hosting File Manager
Ecenica cPanel Hosting File Manager

Easier Backups

We don’t need to tell you how important it is to take regular backups. With so many different backup apps, complex backup terminology (Tower of Hanoi anyone?) and complicated training guides taking a simple backup can be tricky.

The built-in cPanel Backup Wizard makes it super easy to create backups of your important web files, settings and even your email messages. You can store your backups on your Ecenica web space and download them to your computer.

cPanel Backup is available on all Ecenica cPanel Hosting packages.

To open cPanel Backup Wizard. Login to your Ecenica cPanel Hosting package and click  the Backup Wizard icon, or type “Backup Wizard” into the Quick Find search box.

Ecenica cPanel Hosting Backup Wizard
Ecenica cPanel Hosting Backup Wizard

Enable Optimize Website Tool

This tip is a biggie! Make your website even faster using cPanel Optimize Website tool. No coding required!

Being right down at the bottom of the cPanel welcome page, the Optimize Website Tool (or Optimise Website Tool for us Brits) is one of those features which is easily overlooked… but one which can have a radical impact on the success of your website.

Optimize Website Tool compresses your website files before they’re sent to your visitor’s web browser.  Smaller files take less time to download making your web page load faster.

Optimize Website Tool is available in all Ecenica cPanel Hosting packages.

Ecenica cPanel Hosting Optimize Website
Ecenica cPanel Hosting Optimize Website

Enable Ecenica CDN

Ecenica CDN, or Content Delivery Network (CDN) CDN powered by CloudFlare® improves the performance and security of your website by automatically caching your websites static files across a global network of custom-built, super-modern data centres.

On average, a website with Ecenica CDN powered by CloudFlare® enabled loads twice as fast for your visitors regardless of where they are located.

Ecenica CDN is available on selected Ecenica cPanel Hosting packages.

To enable Ecenica CDN. Login to cPanel and click the Ecenica CDN by CloudFlare icon and follow the prompts to activate your account.

Ecenica cPanel Hosting CDN CloudFlare
Ecenica cPanel Hosting CDN CloudFlare

Buy cPanel Hosting

We’ve saved the best tip for last. Of course we’re biased but if you haven’t already done so the most productive tip for getting more from cPanel is to move your website and email over to one of our super-fast, super-secure and super-affordable cPanel Hosting packages.

All our cPanel Hosting plans are hosted on our custom-built servers hosted in a choice of our UK and US datacenters.

Make sure you checkout our Special offers page for our latest deals on cPanel Hosting.

For example at the time of posting, you can buy our top-of-the-range Premium cPanel Hosting for only £1!

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£1 cPanel Web Hosting
£1 cPanel Web Hosting
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