This week we take a look at five of the best WordPress security plugins available today which will keep your website secure and boost you your WordPress website security.

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) available today and is also very secure. Regular security updates and patches are released which help prevent hacks.

However, as with any website, there are weak links. More often than not an attack can be traced to a simple admin password that’s not been changed since your site was setup.

The good news is WordPress’ awesome plugin system lets you boost your website security quickly and easily, helping you close loopholes and prevent attacks on your website.

We’ve brought together 5 of the best WordPress security plugins available. You can keep your WordPress site secure by installing any of the following plugins today:

1. Jetpack Protect (Formerly BruteProtect)


Stop brute-force attacks on your WordPress websites by botnets in one easy step by enabling Protect from the Jetpack plugin.

Jetpack Protect blocks malicious bots and users from accessing your WordPress website.

Jetpack Protect works by tracking login attempts to your website. When there are too many failed attempts, Jetpack Protect logs and blocks that IP across the entire network of WordPress websites running Jetpack Protect.

View JetPack WordPress.org Plugin Listing

2. WordFence


Wordfence Security is one of the most popular all in one security plugins available for WordPress. This means it includes a whole range of features in just one plugin.

In our experience, it’s easy to setup and use and has a great range of features including a website scanner which will scan your WordPress files, themes and plugins and find any malware or code changes which may have been made.

Wordfence also includes real-time tracking of visitors to your website and will also block IP addresses of suspicious users and protect against brute force attacks.

If you’re an advanced WordPress user you’ll also be pleased to know you have granular control of each setting, so you can configure WordFence exactly as you want.

Thee Wordfence plugin is free to install but also includes some premium features which are a paid extra.

View Wordfence WordPress.org Plugin Listing

3. Simple Security Firewall


Simple Security Firewall is a fast, easy to use all-in-one WordPress security plugin.

A big feature of this WordPress security plugin is that it’s totally free. There is no premium version and all features are available to everyone immediately after install.

A neat feature of Simple Security Firewall is it’s Two-Factor Authentication which adds an extra layer of security to your WordPress logins by requiring you to verify your login.

Simple Security Firewall is regularly updated and is gaining a lot of positive reviews for being reliable and easy to use.

View Simple Security Firewall WordPress.org Plugin Listing

4. Sucuri Security


We’ve found Sucuri Security to be a great auditing and site scanning plugin for WordPress.

This plugin will track all activity on your WordPress website, including when users login and when changes are made. This makes it easy to track down exactly what caused a security breach in your website.

Perhaps one of it’s best features is Securi Security will check your website against a number of 3rd-parties, including Google, McAfee and Norton to ensure your website has not been blacklisted by them. This is handy to make sure you’re not missing out on any visitor traffic!

View Sucuri Security WordPress.org Plugin Listing

5. Clef


Your WordPress admin password is so often the weak link in the security chain and the easiest way for a hacker to gain access to your website.

The Clef WordPress plugin replaces your passwords entirely with a password free, two-factor authentication system.

Instead, you install and use the Clef app on your smart phone to login to your website instead.

View Clef WordPress.org Plugin Listing

Secure WordPress Hosting

These WordPress security plugins are just one part of the security chain. At the base you’ll want to run your WordPress site on secure Web Hosting.

The more secure your web hosting, the great the chance of avoiding hacking attempts leading to an increase in sales and leads. We offer a range of WordPress Hosting packages, built on our optimised WordPress hosting platform which include special features which can help reduce the chance of an attack.

  • Intrusion Detection System which monitors your account and blocks attackers.
  • Built-in virus scanner for website files and uploads.
  • 30 Day Rolling Backups with free website restores to any point in the last 30 days.
  • Free UK-based Technical Support who are on hand to offer tips and help you to secure your WordPress website.

See our fast, secure WordPress HostingBusiness Web Hosting with 3 Months Free, and Managed VPS – Save 40%.

All web hosting packages are hosted from the UK and include free UK-based support and free 60-day money back guarantee.

Feel free to contact us for more details.

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