Check out our twelve tips for stress-free holiday when travelling abroad with your iPhone, iPad and Laptop. Including enabling international roaming, ways of avoiding excessive roaming fees, how-to securely check your email and how-to activate roaming SMTP on your Ecenica Hosting email account.

We start with probably the most important tip for travelling abroad with your smartphone…

Tip: 1. Enable International Roaming

This is a biggie, as without roaming enabled you won’t be able to connect to third-party mobile providers – meaning no web, no incoming or outbound calls, and no email.

Typically international roaming is disabled by your mobile provider unless requested. So before leaving for the airport check with your mobile provider that they’ve enabled international roaming on your account.

If you’ve recently changed your mobile contract there’s a chance you’ll need to enable roaming SMTP.

Tip: 2. Setup your out of office auto reply.

Our clever email autoresponder service (also referred to as email auto reply or out-of-office reply) will automatically reply to emails sent to your email address. This is useful if you want to let your clients, customers or colleagues know when you’ll be back at your desk.

Setting up autoresponders is incredibly easy. Just set a start and end date for when you want the auto responder to reply to emails. You can set your own subject and body message. If the same email contact emails you multiple times in the same day, our autoresponder can be configured to only send a single auto reply.

See our step-by-step guide for configuring an autoresponder in cPanel for your Ecenica Hosting email address.

Tip: 3. Disable cellular data usage

Disabling cellular data usage on your smart phone instructs your device to only connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi. With this enabled you should avoid incurring data-roaming fees.

Tip: 4. Buy a data bundle

Most UK mobile providers offer data-bundles for customers travelling within European countries. Typically the data bundles offer a set amount of data for a limited period of time. For example Three’s Euro Internet Pass bundle includes unlimited data for £5 a day. However, as we recently discovered it does not support tethering.

Tip: 5. Check your email using our secure webmail

When it comes to web security you can never be too careful. When checking your email using our webmail service abroad, make sure you use our secure, SSL encrypted webmail. Our SSL technology encrypts, or scrambles your data making it incredibly hard for anyone to access your personal details. Try secure webmail now.

Tip: 6. Backup your important files
6. Backup your important files such as photos, music and docs before you depart on your holiday. This way if you have the misfortune of your laptop or iOS device being damaged or stolen, you can recover your files when you’re back home.

Tip: 7. Don’t forget your charger and travel adaptor!

A simple tip, but one which is easily forgotten. With all the stress of making a 7am flight, forgetting your iPhone charger and any required travel adaptors is easily done. So check, and double-check you’ve got them packed before dashing to the airport.

Tip: 8. Download a sat nav app which supports offline maps.

Using a sat nav or mapping app which supports offline maps can help save on expensive data costs when you’re finding your way around. Google Maps includes the option to download some locations. Other sat nav apps such as Garmin Navigon also include offline map support.

Tip: 9. Check you’ve enabled Roaming SMTP

Our Ecenica email services support roaming SMTP which means you can send email across most Wi-Fi and mobile networks worldwide. Learn how to configure Roaming SMTP on your device.

Checkout our range of UK web hosting and US web hosting plans all with free roaming SMTP.

Tip: 10. Check your insurance covers your gadgets

Check your travel or home insurance covers your laptop, mobile and tablet. This will avoid adding to the pain if someone takes a fancy to your precious items.

Tip: 11. Check your services won’t expire when you’re away

To avoid billing issues affecting the uptime of your Ecenica services login to your Ecenica Dashboard and check we have up to date billing details. This way if any services such as your domain names or web hosting fees are due for renewal, they’ll automatically renew. Leaving you to focus on important stuff like sipping your sangria.

Tip: 12. Take a break!

You’ve worked incredibly hard for your holiday so why not take a few days off replying to your email? Even the most workaholic client of yours quietly takes holidays so they’ll secretly understand. Besides you’ll come back from holiday energised and ready to go!

Bon Voyage!

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